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30+ Before & After Pics Of Tiny Kittens Turning Into Beautiful Cats

Before being a devilish little creature in your house, they used to be itty-bitty kittens who always meowing for food and snuggles. Animals and kids have the similarity during their childhood: they grow up in a snap. Being a parent, we are recommended to acknowledge the stages before being an adult of your pets. Cats and dogs need an average of 2 years to be fully grown and ready to enjoy the rest of their lives.

According to Nicole Fulcher, an assistant director of the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, an adult kitty is gonna appear around 12 months of age, equals to a teenager as a person. However, it also depends on the breed of your cat, some can take almost 2 years to be officially matured cats. There are some primary stages you should notice when owning a cat: Cat’s baby teeth will fall out at the age of the third month. During 5 months after that, the kittens will develop their reproductive system. One year later, congratulations, you become your kitty’s forever servant!

These 30+ heartwarming glow-up photos of cats will show you time flies really fast, all you can do right now is loving them wholeheartedly!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#17 Left – 3 Months Old. Right – 11 Months Old. We Also Got A Third Cat In The Form Of His Tail

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