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30+ Before And After Photos Of Adopted Cats To Warm Your Heart

It’s true that love can be life-changing for everyone, and for rescued animals, this is literally what happens. Patience, affection, and care can be a powerful boost to their amazing transformations from neglected, lifeless beings to healthy, vigorous individuals. When you give them all of those things, you give them a chance to start a better life than they’ve ever had.

Gidypet has gathered a compilation of owners sharing their cats’ stories of winning against the poor circumstances they were in the past and blossomed into beautiful felines.

Scroll down to see their before – after change and vote for the best transformation!

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#3 “An update of our rescue baby – Kyra. Here she is in all of her glory!”

Louise Lee - the media officer at the non-profit Blue Cross For Pets organization, which specializes in animal adoption in the United Kingdom is here today to answer some concerns around adopting. About the “adopt, don’t shop” approach these days, she said: “We rehomed over 9,000 pets last year, which has increased significantly since a decade ago.”

The stigma about rescued cats is slowly fading away. “Such misperceptions that these pets were all given up because of behavior and that they're 'broken' are gradually changing, and people understand pets are handed over for all sorts of reasons,” explained Louise.

#4 “One year after my friend rescue him, he’s grown so fast!”

#5 “This is Leo (Leonidas) – my besties since 2012. He was born under my stairs, and I rescued him. We love each other very much!”

#6 “My sweet boy Keller. I would die for him!”

Louise stated: “We’re working hard not only to change the perception of pets in rescue” but also to help people who can’t cope with their pets. “We seek to take the 'shame' away from people who are struggling to cope with their pet and decide to rehome or their circumstances change.” 

But the pet adoption expert warns that it’s important to get the whole family on board when it comes to adopting an animal. “Make sure everyone in a family wants a pet and understands their responsibilities, the time needed, and financial commitment before getting a pet.” Even if taking in a pet will surely have an effect on your lifestyle, it really pays off seeing your kitty happy.

#7 “Harvey was found abandoned, soaked wet, skinny, dotted with cigarette burns, starved and infested with fleas, anemic. 5 years later, he’s a healthy, confident boy with a career in modelling!”

#8 “Wickett was 3 weeks old when he came in to the shelter, then 12 weeks after I adopted, then his first birthday and him at almost 2”

#11 “Rah and Luna, from ‘dumpster kitties to laying pretty!'”

#12 “Peter the Cat day my daughter rescued from a ditch, four years later!”

Pet adoption experts warn that it’s vital that the whole family has a synergic voice when it comes to adopting an animal: “Make sure everyone in a family wants a pet and understands their responsibilities, the time needed, and financial commitment before getting a pet.” 

Owning a pet will surely affect your lifestyle, finance, and also your time. However, it really pays off seeing them thrive and live the best life they deserve!

#13 “Exactly one year when I rescued him. He had a lot of medical problems and almost didn’t survive when he had FCV. He is now a healthy whiny lil baby with a small head”

#14 “She was found in the rain alone. My boyfriend cleaned, fed her and also became her loyal servant!”

#15 “He was given up by his previous owners and spent 4+ months malnourished, matted, and uncared for in a shelter, even though he’s the sweetest and most gentle cat ever. Now he’s spoiled and healthy”

#16 “She was very weak and couldn’t stand on her own legs. But she was truly a fighter. Reddit, meet Katie!”

#17 “From being found frozen into the side of the highway, to losing part of her tail from the trauma, to gorgeous girl living the best life. She’s brought so much love into our lives”

#18 “Our rescue Tiara – she went through 3 foster homes before coming home and never leaving my side again”

#21 “Frankie was adopted from the shelter six weeks ago. Now I know why parents say ‘They grow up so fast!'”

#22 “My friend took Stitchey in and nurtured him back to health, now he’s a handsome, playful boy living his best life!”

#23 “My 96g hand rear boy made it! He’s now 2kg and almost 4 months old. He and his rescue sister are my absolute world and have given my life meaning”

#24 “Just got this before pic from the shelter. From a stray in Thailand to the queen of our apartment, meet Connie”

#25 “I was about to adopt my very first kitten when the cat foster family said ‘Don’t you want to adopt these two? They’d be so happy together.’ They were so right”

#26 “Pugsley the rescue cat before and after. It’s amazing what a little love and some strong antibiotics can do!”

#27 “From a scared and starving kitten found under my boyfriend’s house, to a fat and curious little hell raiser 6 months later”

#28 “I found Chelvin very sick and malnourished just outside my neighborhood. He was only a few weeks old. Three weeks of love and care went a long way!”

#29 “I took in the 3-4 week-old Pelle because his mother abandoned him. My cousin adopted him when he got a little older. Now him and I get to hang out this entire week while she’s on vacation”

#30 “Took a stray momcat and her kittens home. A month after, she has no more mange problem and I have 3 fat kittens too!”


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