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30+ Before-And-After Photos Of Cats Growing Up (Part 1)

You probably don’t notice how much your beloved cat has grown up because you see it every day. They grow and age alongside us as family members.

We recently invited you to send us images of your cats as they grew up, and now it’s time to reveal the winners. We also included some of our favorite Internet finds, but if you want even more pictures.

Remember to vote for your favorite, and if you missed our call for submissions, feel free to add them to this post!

Check out our next part: Part 2

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#6 Juno as a kitten in 2011, to Juno last year at 5 years old. Some things never change

#9 My sweet boy Chewy. From a couple days old to almost 15 years old! We’ve both grown so much

#12 The difference one year of love and care can make. Found at a construction site, her siblings and mama were dead


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