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30+ Before-And-After Photos Of Cats Growing Up (Part 2)

We all know that when it comes to birthdays, the main star will be happy and feel loved. Look at our children, they actually do not care how extra you have prepared, gifts and love matter. So when we apply this to your pets, it’s another story. Basically, pets, especially cats, don’t have a lot of muscles on their face so when you celebrate their birthday, you are not so sure whether they like it. But trust me, they do, their face is just not coordinated so well with their little heart. Even if it’s a birthday or an adoption anniversary, we can’t deny time flies so fast. When you compare two pictures together, it would blow your mind because of their rapid transformation.

Here are some ways to celebrate your little kitty’s birthday: give them new cat toys, catnip, a new bed, make a birthday fish cake, cuddle and spend more time with them, donate to a charity under your cat’s name, travel, or invest a slick photo book like a memory.

We can’t take back the time as well as the cat’s itty-bitty size, but what is better than a blooming bond between the two as time has gone by? Nothing! So let’s enjoy the moment where we have with our beloved feline, scroll down, and upvote the most incredible transformations!

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#3 Started Life Lost In A Swamp, Now Cozy In A Christmas Sweater

#4 I Got My Cat Alfie When I Was 4 As A Gift On My First Day Of School And He Died When I Was 20. We Were Inseparable! I’m 27 Now And I Still Think Of Him All The Time. Until I See You Again My Boy

#5 From Kitten To… Older Kitten: The Two-Month Transformation Of My Foster Baby, Rollie. She Was Approximately 2 Weeks When I Got Her (With Mama, Eyes Just Opened)

#8 There Was A Time When We Weren’t Sure If Nimbus Was Even A Cat. Here Is Her Successful Transformation From Crinkled Tissue To Fluffy Goddess

#14 Found As A 4 Week Old Kitten Under The Hood Of My Car And Now The Sweetest Big Boy Ever, Here Is Figs

#15 He Likes To Cuddle My Neck Every Morning And Night, 8 Months Later And He Still Does It

#16 Honey From A Dehydrated, Dirty Bottle Baby To A Beautiful, Healthy Girl

#19 I Was Told To Post The Squid Here. As You Can See, He’s Always Been Fancy

#24 At 2 Years Old She Is Still Sitting Like She Did As A Baby

#27 Rush Just Arrived Home And 8 Years Later


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