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30+ Black Cats That Look Just Like Toothless The Dragon

Cats are undeniably majestic creatures, their beauty can sometimes be as surreal as an animated character. If you have ever watched How To Train Your Dragon, you’d realize that Toothless kinda looks like a cat. Toothless’s appearance and behavior were inspired by cats, dogs, and horses, and his movements and body outline were actually based on a real feline! So there’s no doubt that Toothless is a big black cat in the shape of a night fury!

Gidypet has a collection of black cats that resembles the unique dragon! All these adorable kitties have a jet-black coat and big, mesmerizing eyes that would sure to make you fall in love as hard as you love Toothless. Scroll down and pick your favorite mini Toothless now!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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Although black cats have a terrible reputation for bringing bad luck in most parts of the world, there are lots of places where they aren't at all unlucky. Having a black cat is believed to boost the number of suitors for a single woman in Japan; if one crosses your path from right to left in Germany, England, and Ireland good things are on the way.


Their black fur can rust over time. There are three variants of the black fur gene (solid black, brown, and cinnamon), and the hue is aligned with the pattern. If a cat has a solid black hue buthas a dominant tabby stripe gene, sun exposure can make the eumelanin pigment in its fur break down to reveal its once-invisible stripes. Another potential cause of this is nutritional deficiency. So don't be surprised if your black kitty is slowly turning less black!


Black cats are more disease-resistant than other types of cats. The mutation that causes a cat’s fur to be black is in the same genetic family as genes known to give humans resistance to diseases like HIV.


There are 22 recognized breeds of cats with pitch-black coats. Some even have black whiskers and paws!

Black cats can be boys or girls, but there are usally more males than females.


Melanin, the pigment that gives black cats their dark coats, is abundant in their bodies. This pigment also contributes to the amber-colored eyes of some cats. However, some black cats have bright green-colored eyes. 


October 27th is National Black Cat Day, just three days before Halloween, so make sure to put it on your calendar! 


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