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30+ Cats Disobeying The Law Of Physics That Will Make Us Wonder If Gravity Is Even Real

We can measure how far cats can jump, examine how long they can live, but we can never set the limit for their weirdness. They can act more dramatically than Oscar actors, sleep longer than polar bears and hide in the narrowest corner of the house. There is also an unusual, yet magical power that cats possess, that is their ability to disobey the law of physics. There are proofs of them canceling gravity, floating in the air, liquidfying, or even performing the Spider-Man infamous swinging from walls to walls tricks,… you name it. Cats are majestic creatures who can actually save the Earth if gravity collapses one day. Let’s see it for ourselves down below, don’t forget to upvote your favorite gravity opposers! 

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#1 To be and not to be… at the same time

To examine... scientifically just how cats resist physics laws, Celia Haddon - lecturer on cat behavior at Ruskin Anglia University and Oxford Adult Education is here to give us an answer to the question.

#2 Mission impawsible

Celia stated that cats' incredible climbing ability is based on their unique anatomy. “Cats' claws are curved so they can use them for climbing upwards. They are retractable, so cats walk without their claws touching the ground, but protract them to climb.”

#3 Here, you will find the majestic cat tree. It appears as if there’s a bountiful harvest this year

Moreover, the claws help felines grip onto surfaces. “They can, therefore, climb straight up, if there is something they can get their claws into, like a tree trunk or a wall which is not too smooth.” Having said that, Celia added that “a completely smooth 90-degree angle surface would be too much of a challenge" since their retractable claws are curved, making backward maneuvering difficult.

#5 It’s an urban mountain goat!

Cats are also great jumpers who could reach the top of the shelf and hide from you all day if they wanted to. The cat behaviorist said that “they can jump six times or more their own height from a standing start”. This amazing ability relies mainly on the limb length and muscle mass behind their legs. Cats begin a jump in a deep crouch, then elevate their front legs before extending their back legs in an "explosive extension."

Exactly how high that’d be depending on every cat individually. It may partly have to do with “the relative length of their back legs and their weight, according to a study in the Journal of Experimental Biology.”

#7 Contortionist kitty

If you are still doubtful about their special abilities, Celia will convince you into that idea by explaining how agile they are.

She said: “They have free-floating tiny collar bones, or clavicles, which are not fixed to any of the other bones in their skeleton. (Humans' longer collar bones are attached to and brace together with the breastbone and the shoulder blade.)”

#8 “I think someone turned the gravity in the wrong direction!”

Plus, “They have 30 vertebrae, the bones that make up the spine, with a further 18-23 vertebrae in the tails. It is their specially cushioned disks between their vertebrae that allow their spine to be so flexible.”

Cats can twist their bodies 180 degrees to the left or right as a result of this amazing anatomy. So, no, you weren't hallucinating, and it wasn't a matrix glitch.


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