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30+ Cats Helping Decorate Christmas Trees

There is no scientific evidence for the reason why cats love ruining Christmas trees when it comes to Yuletide. The only sensible reason is maybe they are envious of the twinkling light strings, colorful tinsels, and lots of charismatic present boxes placed under the tree. Who doesn’t love Christmas? But cats have no interest in being left out of the limelight, so they decide to destroy it. We will feel exhausted when the Christmas tree that we delicately finished a month ago is completely torn down. But how can we blame our adorable crimes? Turns out, after a few meows, they are blameless. What a paradox!

If you are one of us, the cat owners who have been at feline’s mercy, don’t ever hope our Christmas trees will be safe and sound. Surely this Christmas will be the same as last year, and our cats will always be the most important ornament of this holiday. Scroll down and have a laugh at these 30+ jolly cats who love to enjoy Christmas trees in the most unexplainable way!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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