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30+ Cats Shamelessly Disrespecting People’s Personal Space

Cats – violating personal space experts without having any shame, and we love to please their needs! Most of us had our glorious cat witnessed you enjoying your personal time in the bathroom, we might be ‘uh-oh’ at first but how can you not let them in when they keep meowing at the door, or they will sneakily send you their lovely paws under the door’s hole?

Cats love to involve themselves in your space since that is the sign of needing attention and affection from you and your purrfect palms. They love to observe you because they are the most curious critters on this planet. They think it is the way to keep you safe and you will be their furrever servants!

Welp the statement above is just for lovingly teasing our kitties. That is not actually accurate when these photos are the evidence of dominating someone’s space is cat’s specialization since Natalie Cady Bishop of Cat Behavior Solved exposed: “Cats definitely value their own personal space.”

She continued: “If it is ‘invaded’ they may even resort to swatting or biting you! They prefer interactions to be on their terms.”

Natalie gave us a tips for letting them be distracted and we will have our tiny spare time but don’t even think about they are not throwing a party at 4AM!

“There is not a polite way to ‘shoo’ a cat in their mind. I recommend playing with them and then giving them treats or a small meal in a puzzle feeder or treat ball. Added physical and mental stimulation will result in a happy cat who will likely choose to leave you alone.”

How is our compiled collection of cats invading our personal space gonna be? Let’s scroll down to see and behold, your cat(s) are behind and reading this article with you!

(h/t: boredpanda)

#1 The First Day I Got My Kitten, I Took A Bath, She Somehow Managed To Hop The Tub And Take A Snooze On My Shoulder

#5 I’m Extremely Blessed To Have My Own Tiny Lifeguard. Except, Instead Of Using A Whistle Or Attempting To Save Me. He Screams At Me In Terror The Entire Time

#7 Every Time I Shower He Thinks I’m Suffering And Tries To Rescue Me

#10 My Cat Got In The Way While I Was Washing My Face Before Bed And I Got The Best Picture Of Her I’ve Ever Taken

#15 My Alien Crew Receiving A Transmission From The Mothership

#17 After A Massive Panic Attack I Decided To Take A Bubble Bath. The Kitties Were Still Too Worried To Leave My Side

#20 That Moment When You’re Trying To Take A Relaxing Bubble Bath, But Get The Distinct Feeling You’re Being Watched

#21 I Now Know I’m Not The Only One. He Goes From The Toilet To The Sink, Climbs On My Shoulders, And Perches On My Head

#22 My Parents’ Cat Destroyed The Bathroom’s Door Vents So He Could Spy While We Pee

#23 12 Years Together And He Still Fears For My Life Every Time I Take A Bath

#25 Today My Son, Aberforth, Learned That Sometimes Humans Willingly Take Baths

#26 My Cat Usually Showers With Me But Decided To Hop In With My Fiancé This Morning Instead. Some Things Can’t Be Unseen

#28 This Is My Cat, Who Likes To Poke You When You’re In The Bath

#30 Our Cat Is Very Protective Of Our Newborn. She Does Not Approve Of Her Getting A Bath


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