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30+ Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls

Yes, you gotta expect the unexpected with those hilarious comparisons below between famous pin-up girls in the 70s – what makes American pop culture popular until now and our all time favorite pet in the world – cats! People find it quiet funny and true when Hurly Burly, an Australian clothing, costume, and “kustom kulture” store and a creative freelancer Rachael Aslett put 2 similar pin-up girl and a cat poses together and feed the globe a good laugh on the Internet. “Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls” Tumblr collection has cracked cat lovers around the world up successfully.

Charming, aesthetic yet positively funky, and easy to capture people’s eyes (maybe also hearts!), either pin-up girls or cats has the similarity in that aspect. As you can see, the original idea is very simple: after finding beautiful pin-up girls in various poses on the Internet, we are able to find cats whose facial expressions or body matches their appearance. You know, less is more!

Which “cat pin-up girls” do you consider as the most impressively persuasive work of art to win this competition? Don’t forget to upvote and let us know what you think.

More info: | (h/t: boredpanda)

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