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30+ Cats Who Decided To Pretend To Be Penguins

Flightless birds, which known as penguins, are the most adorable creatures living in the North and the South poles of the Earth with icebergs and water. Despite of being a water anti fan and don’t have any relatable penguin’s features, cats still consider to stand up and act like they are ones of those icy friends.

Some we train them to stand up, some are just their natural poses, some are…hm, I think they are born with penguin’s spirit under the fluffy fur of a cat!  Let’s see if there’s any reason why cats mimic penguins with Dr. Marci Koski, a certified cat behavior and training consultant.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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The cat behaviorist exposed that cats are extremely flexible and versatile so whenever they are jumping, running, or stalking the preys, their movements are light. 

 "One of the reasons for this flexibility is their spine; it acts almost like a spring so that they can crouch and leap long distances, or twist their bodies around much more than most mammals."


Thus, cats tend to stand up on their hind legs mainly, others can stand in both legs, and the tails are their greatest support to self balance. A minority of these furballs even do not need tails to balance.

"First, standing up gives them a little bit of a boost in their view from a different height or angle; cats are curious by nature, so when they hear a noise or see something from a distance they might want to get a better look at, they will sometimes stand on their hind legs to get a better look." 


Another interesting reason behind is that because of showing a fake aggressive cattitudes to the predators since they would look taller and larger when cats stand up. But actually all I can see is a mini human trying to ask me for treats. According to Dr. Marci, "it's better to scare an opponent off than have to fight them. They may stand up on their hind legs, stand sideways on all fours, arch their back, and fluff out the fur on their bodies (called piloerection), all in an effort to tell an opponent 'you don't want to mess with me'."


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