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30+ Cats Who Don’t Care About Your Personal Space

When you look at a cat, there is nothing to say but it is cute and fluffy. People always fall in love with their eyes, feet, color, and shape. That is their lovely appearance, and we normally can’t stop seeing something adorable. Sometimes, it is not easy to guess what cats think and feel if we are not there with them to see a specific situation. These felines are unconcerned about your personal space. While some business owners resort to shame, they realize it’s futile and will almost certainly end in retaliation. Cats have no notion of personal space, and they will make sure you know it whenever they have the chance. Besides, they always want to get your attention no matter what you are doing or with someone or even in a bathroom. You can’t say no to them because of their cuteness, and they will find any chance to get closed to you literally.

This list should serve as a caution to anyone thinking about getting a feline companion: cats are not your pals. You would be surprised and shocked to know there is no privacy for cat lovers as your space is their space too. Submit your own photo or vote for the most nefarious scoundrel below!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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