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30+ Cats Who Love Warmth More Than Anything

Three interesting facts about cats:

1. They slumber for the most of their life.

2. When they are awake, they plot to conquer the world.

3. They’re seeking for a warm place to stay while they’re not sleeping or plotting to take over the world.

These photographs provide all of the proof you require. And, as you can see, a cat will go to any length to complete the third item on that list. Isn’t there any sunshine? It will suffice to use the radiator. You can’t locate a warm person to sleep with? Make use of their laptop. You can’t seem to locate a radiator or a laptop? Then make advantage of the oven! When it comes to finding warmth, cats are endlessly imaginative. Let’s just hope they’re not too inventive when it comes to world dominance ideas…

With these photos we are about to see, I can tell that there are some situations which make me laugh and surprised because I am sure there are some cases that are familiar to some people but there are also some cases that is totally new and the first time I have ever seen in my life. So I hope that you are having different feelings at Gidypet when enjoying these pictures.

Do you have a cat who like staying warm? Then go ahead and share your photos, and don’t forget to leave a remark!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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