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30 Cats With Their Cute Mini-Mes

A cat is already deadly cute for your heart, but what if there are two, and they even look alike? By then, you’re sure gonna have a hard time keeping your heart unfluttered.

Here are the best 30 photos of cats and their mini copycats! These kitties are most likely to be with their parents – who usually take care of them within a month after birth. Most feline parents are tender and caring, but there are circumstances when kitties are abandoned by their own parents.

This can happen when their kittens have birth defects, when their litter is too large, or for certain stress-related reasons. It’s necessary to keep an eye on both the parents and the kitties in such a period, cause these kitties sure have a lot of things to learn! Scroll down and upvote for the best pics, don’t forget to show us your cat’s mini versions!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#6 “Listen, yoga stretches are very important for good posture.. and to jump up on the kitchen benches”

#7 “Son, sleep on your back, so hoomans will come and rub it!”

#8 My sister is fostering a cat family and she walked in the room to see this snuggle action

#13 Scottish Wild Cat aka “The Highland Tiger” and her kitten

#22 “Momm….. Get off, I’m squished!” – “Hold on, let me take a selfie of us!”


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