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30 Comics Showing What Would Happen If Cats And Humans Switched Roles

We all think of the parallel universe, don’t we? People have created a lot of scenarios whether we humans and ‘another world’ can be switched and the main point of doing that is to feel each other’s feelings and learn about it. Let’s put yourself in other’s shoes and acknowledge them or empathize with their perspective, opinion, or point of view before being quick to judge someone for their actions.

Knowing this theory, Caitlin Major combined the quirkiness of a cat Steve who is both cute and evil at the same time with a middle-aged man named Manfried to create a twisting story and boom, many and many feline lovers have been drawn an attention to this weird, colorful, upside-down plot webcomics.

So basically in this personification concept, she wanted Steve the anthropomorphic cat to be a human who had a human pet and she demonstrated a lot of funny daily scenes between these two. Manfried is a grumpy, lazy, balding, overfed pet animal, who loves to knock things off tables on purpose and to sleep in the sun.

It’s completely understandable and funny since people have adored cats, people who read her comics will fall in love with it easily.

More info: Courtesy of Caitlin Major | | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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