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30+ Comics That Perfectly Sum Up What It’s Like To Live With Cats

A UK born and raised artist Kelly Angel is a cat lover like us and she’s living in a happy family with her brother, a dog, and a cat. Anything Comic is her masterpiece which is purrfectly illustrated about how it’s like to live with a feline. The main story is about a single lady who owned a kitty and many funny stories appeared. She also describes accurately every owner’s feelings when having a cat or just simply seeing a random cat on the street.

Anyone can absolutely relate it and have lots of positive responses for her talent. Her drawing style is quite unique and colorful, she wanted to make things fun and little bit awkward to entertain the audience. She has a kind-hearted for openly sharing about the process of how she draw comics step by step here.

Do you see yourself in these stories? Let us know by upvoting and leaving some comments, we’re glad to see your reactions!

More info: | Facebook | Tumblr | Etsy | Tapas (h/t: boredpanda)

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