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30+ Comics That Show What Living With A Cat Is Really Like (Part 1)

Many artists have done their comical projects with the same topic: How it’s like when living with a cat. Even though it’s quite common, artists would show to comic lovers their outstanding drawing styles. Furthermore, the main character – cats – are also different, which makes the simple topic but effective never gets old. Cody Stone Stowe is a unique comic illustrator who has lots of twists and turns with his black cat Coral. He is obsessed with his cutie pie who is criticized by most people because she is a black kitty. But with Cody, living with Coral’s is like living with big luck! You can see how successful he has been since the day he started to depict his daily life with Coral.

Cody decided to go for an artist path in 2016, he first drew his muse Coral after adopting her in the same year. Since the pandemic hit the world so hard, Cody stayed home more often, and that led Cody to realize an interesting fact about cats: they are way more needy and affectionate than you think!

“I think the pandemic has made us closer. And made me realize how much cats don’t want you to work while you’re home.” – Cody said.

Coral was Cody’s very first cat in his life, they have been through together for overall 5 years and counting. Drawing about cat’s life is always Cody’s everlasting passion with the massive support (suppaws?) from Coral. The black kitty also has her distinctive personality which makes the audience curious about her true colors.

“She wakes me up with a bottom slam to the face. Tries to spook me by jumping out from under the couch if I move any quicker than a snail through the living room. Begs for her 7 pm wet food, gets it, and then begs again at 8 pm as if I have amnesia. The hour I’m in bed on my phone before sleep, she’s jumping over my body like hurdles to keep on playing. It’s all a joy though and I wouldn’t change any of it. Except maybe the moments when she flubs the jump over me and bounces off my ribs like a trampoline.” – Said the owner.

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