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30+ Comics That Show What Living With A Cat Is Really Like (Part 2)

People say less is more, and the statement is never wrong just a bit. What is more incredible than an artist can portray a cat owner’s life in just 4 strips and he even doesn’t have a cat of his own? Xibang expresses how talented he is when he describes a chaotic life with a cat with a sketchy drawing style (a.k.a doodle, and yeah, he is a doodler!), every cat owner can relate to his simple comic strips with powerful messages.

Aside from cats, Xibang also draws about life and what makes his life meaningful, make sure you check out his other comics on Instagram after scrolling down these 50 feline comics below. Let’s jump into Xibang’s doodling world and his imaginative kitty to see if he depicts life with a feline accurately! Upvote your fave comics and tell us more about your experience with your cat in the comment, we’re glad to befriend all cat lovers all around the world!

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More info: Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)

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