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30+ Dogs Who Forgot How To Dog But Definitely Know How To Cat

Our pets are beyond the cuteness, aren’t they? But what can you think of when it comes to the swap and switch positions to each other’s disguise? Here are two proofs that we have mentioned before in the previous articles: an American Shorthair kitty secretly accessed the organization of 3 Shiba Inus and acted like his brothers, and a Husky dog that was raised by cats acted like a cat. Today, this imitating game is exclusively for our canine friends!

There are some scientific and psychological facts why dogs act like cats even though you think it’s just a coincidence:

1. Dogs like to imitate cats because of wanting the same level of attention as you do with cats.

2. They have a high separation anxiety condition since canines love to be attached to you.

3. Apart from cats who lick themselves to clean their fur, dogs do this because they have a problem with their skin. You should take them to the vet instead.

4. Dogs want to be on top of your thinking. When cats and dogs living together under the same roof, cats are likely to be more competitive than dogs but in some dog breeds, they can be a hustle as well.

5. Dogs are evolved. They think normal dog things (fetching, tail wagging, or tugging their toys) are pretty boring so they want your attention by doing unusual stuff.

6. It also depends on the dog’s breed. The Basenji, Whippet, Vizsla, Mi-Ki, Shiba Inu, Papillon, Shetland sheepdog, Italian greyhound are some examples who have tendencies to act like cats.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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