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30+ Funny Animals Who Got Stuck And Required Human Assistance

“Mommmmm, I’m stuck!” If your pet could speak, you would have heard that sentence all day. The main reason for all kinds of animals to get stuck in the most unexpected places is their curiosity. Not just only do dogs and cats make you laugh out loud and pull out the phone to take pics but there are also possums, raccoons, frogs, and even parrots. However, we need to be fully aware of the situation where they get stuck because it could be somewhere dangerous and they will have to deal with the suffocation.

Without pets and their natural antics, life would be endless boredom. So scroll down, upvote the photos you think are the most hilarious ones, and tell us about your pet’s dilemma experiences in the comment!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Is This What People Mean When They Say Their Dog Is Broken? Asking For A Friend

#2 Thought I Was Monkey, But Am Doggo. Bamboozled Again

#8 I Came In To Find My Tortoise Like This. Putting The Clues Together, It Seems He Pooped, Got It Stuck On His Foot, Ran In Circles Trying To Get It Off, And Flipped Over

#9 My Dog Chewed A Hole Through His Towel And Stuck His Head Through It. Now He Wears It Around The House Like A Poncho

#10 Heard Something Going On In The Kitchen Then Heard Screams Of Bloody Murder. Walked In And Saw This. A Goat Stuck In My Trash Can

#11 This Gentleman Was Apprehended Today While Committing A Burglary Of A Vending Machine At Pine Ridge High School

#13 My Friend’s Cat Got It’s Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With This

#19 These Derps Got Stuck In A Storm Drain. I Don’t Think They’re Worried

#20 Mistakes Were Made. It Required A Call To The Non-Emergency Fire Dispatch, 4 And Lots Of Treats. She Was Unharmed, Just Filled With Regret And Shame. And One Dead Baby Gate

#21 Came Home To Trash Everywhere In The House. Compelling Evidence Found

#25 Let My Dog Out Into The Garden, Two Minutes Later I Hear Her Barking And Go Outside To See This

#28 Trapped Himself In The Shower At Some Point During The Night. Woke Up To Scared Whining

#30 I Stuck An Empty Toilet Paper Tube On His Leg And He Gave Me This Look


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