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30+ Funny “Co-Worker” Pics From People Working From Home

Getting bored at working from home during the quarantine? Why not get yourself a furry companion who is lovably present in your home for cuddling and petting? They might interrupt your working a bit but I’m telling you it’s worthy! Having a pet who is ‘working along’ with you is the best dopamine to get through the day. These 30+ living proofs below will tell you a secret on how to be happy in the middle of a pandemic!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 When You Work From Home And Your Manager Wants A Word With You

#6 This Is My Co-Worker Shilo Trying To Get My Attention. He Puts His Rings On His Head Like This When He Wants Me To Play With Him

#7 When The It Department Is Less Than Helpful…

#8 My Coworker Makes Sure I Don’t Forget To Take Regular Breaks

#10 When Your Co-Worker Just Wants The Cupboard Opened So They Can Eat All Your Apocalypse Snacks!

#13 Petunia Is Mad I Stopped Petting Her To Try To Join A Skype Meeting

#15 Fine, Take Over My Meeting. They Like You Better, Anyway!!

#21 Turned Away From My Desk To See My Coworker Rolling Around On The Floor For Attention

#23 My Co-Workers Told Me That They Both Worked The Night Shift, So I’ll Have To Run The Office Alone During The Day.


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