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30+ Funny Comics About The Reality Of Living With A Cat

When a multifunctional man Lucas and his little family, a wife with two sons adopted a little cute cat Sweetie, everything has changed for the better ever since. Especially with Luca and Sweetie, they enjoy each other’s company in normal life as well as an imaginative one. Sweetie is completely a purring joy to the family and Lucas’s eternal inspiration. A simple black-and-white comics “How To Cat” was born.

Lucas is an artist, cartoonist, illustrator, author, and guitarist who is living in San Diego, in Southern California. He said the comics were officially on air when he and his wife were having an inside joke. But they never thought about one day the comics would be this iconic and relatable!

“I’m so happy people have found joy in this silly little comic. I hope to continue it for years to come.” – Said Lucas.

Dear cat owners, check out if these funny comics relate to your cat as well as your daily life by upvoting, don’t forget to comment on your experience with your beloved feline below!

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