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30+ Funny Pics Of Cats Acting Weird

Have you ever walked into a kitchen, spotted your cat was chilling in the sink and thought, “Why does cat hate water but is still in love with the sink?” Well, that’s not the only paradox that a cat might have in mind, they are beyond human’s mind whilst doing something weird which allures us to their devilish plan. Their behavior will drive our consciousness feel incomprehensible.

Indeed, cats are the major geeks, they love to sleep in the most awkward positions that people have never imagined. Felines are the kings of having the weirdest facial expressions. The best part? When cats mimic human’s activity, can even stand up like a real tiny man who is in the negotiation.

These 30+ photos of strangely behaving cats below will not let you down in any circumstance, and your cat is potential as well! Show us your cat’s weirdest moments on the comment section!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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