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30+ Hands-Down Funniest Pics Of Cats That You Need To See Right Meow

Goofy, jittery, funny, and oh-so-fuzzy… We’re talking about cat photos, of course. We could scroll for ages and ages and ages over the internet’s—and our!—most popular topic matter…

Shall we collectively refer to ourselves as the unofficial experts on all things feline? We’ve already seen them act strangely, from sleeping in the strangest places on the planet to being complete jerks with no remorse to having their .exe just quit working on their own.

Speaking of .exe, don’t you ever think these two make a purrfect combination? What if an .exe that’s not in order is really a part of a feline’s genome? We’re not gonna just jump to conclusions, not until we scroll through the Cat_virus.exe Instagram account that’s entirely dedicated to, you guessed it, our furballs going bananas! “Cat art museum,” states the page’s laconic description, and you kinda get it.

Isn’t it really the hands-down weirdest and for that matter, funniest, cat pics compilation out there? And its 288k followers are nodding their heads.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Who woke me up

Gidypet contacted the owner of the Cat virus.exe Instagram page, who requested anonymity. “My idea for the cat_virus page is to keep an archive of all the most popular cat pics on the internet, and nothing else,” they told us.

“Before I had this page, for over 2 years I posted cat pics on the stories of my personal account, so one day I decided to create a page to save all the hundreds of pics I had, and it went viral due to its name because no other page had a name like this at the time.”

And when it comes to the page’s name, the author explained that the page's name was only a test to see if Instagram would approve it.

#3 Target has been identified

“Sometimes I get some submissions, but most of the time I just steal from other Instagram and Facebook pages, I have to assume,” they said. But taking pics from others out of the context can surely get you into trouble. Turns out, that’s what happened to the author of Cat_virus.exe.

“And the fact that I just get the image for its value and don't pay attention to its context got me in trouble a few times, because I rarely know the source. But my followers always help me by commenting who I should credit,” they added, thanking their Instagram audience of 290k followers.

When asked why internet is crazy about cats, the creator of Cat_virus.exe said that “their naturality makes them so special, how they don't care about a thing and just try to do things in their own manner. For me that's what makes them so cute and funny.”

#5 Free himb

Molly DeVoss, a trained feline training and behavior specialist and owner of Cat Behavior Solutions, was contacted by Gidypet to share her thoughts about cats taking over the internet. “Most studies find in many parts of the world dogs are more popular than cats—but it’s no mystery that a good cat photo can take the internet by storm,” said Molly when asked what is it that makes cats such popular content on the internet.

She continued: “I think people are obsessed with cat pictures and videos on the internet because cats are typically “poker faced”—meaning they don’t visually express emotions like their canine counterparts do. Cats instinctively don’t show vulnerability because they are both predator and prey; to appear readable could be life-threatening for them.”

#7 Back to Narnia

Moreover, “When a cat makes a human-like facial expression or inadvertently mimics a human gesture, we think it’s 'cute'; mostly because it is atypical of the species,” Molly added. “Also, anyone who has lived with a cat knows how incredibly majestic and beautiful they are; it’s a lot like living with a tiny wild animal. Their grace, nimbleness, and climbing ability are captivating to watch,” the cat behavior expert concluded.

#25 “I stole your man hooman!!! You’ll never have him back. Deal with it”


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