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30+ Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic Nobody Can Explain

It would be nice if pets and owners can communicate because sometimes it’s too difficult to understand what they want or do, especially for cat owners. Every cat owner has been through a situation where the cat’s actions are beyond our human logic. What’s so fascinating about those cardboard boxes? Why insist on cramping yourselves on the smallest shelf? Do you even like us???

Have you ever had to deal with a seemingly backward cat-logic? Scroll down to see if you relate with any photos, then post a photo, or vote on your favorite below!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#3 Put my cat on a timed feeder to try to help him lose some weight. He sleeps like this now.

#5 “Hey lady, you’ve been reading books for 2 minutes, it’s time to pay attention to me!”

#11 Cats: Ignore the $50 tunnel, play with the cardboard box instead

#18 Who refilled the flour? It looks … fluffy and it’s looking at me

#19 Cat butt – the topping you never asked for but cat gives it to you anyway

#21 My girlfriend’s cat solid logic: If it’s empty, useless and on the table? Push it off!

#30 She wouldn’t sleep in the new bed, until we put dad’s jeans on it


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