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30+ Hilarious Photos Of Cats Being The Biggest Jerks To Dogs

While it’s pleasant to see some cats and dogs get along so well, some pets are such jerks to one another that they remind us that Sunday morning cartoons always understood more than we did.

We have compiled the funniest examples of cats behaving badly against their canine companions. Scroll down and upvote your favorite photos, then tell us in the comments if your cats and dogs get along. Oh, and please pray for us, since the cattos may be after us for revealing their filthy little secrets!

Your cat could be attacking your dog for a variety of reasons. It’s OK if things stay lighthearted, but that isn’t always the case.

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#1 Please Call Master For Help. I Am Trapped In The Corner By Vicious Beasts

#3 I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void

While some cats may lash out because they feel threatened, others may be vicious because they imagine themselves as the house's big evil predator. It is in everyone's best interest for their pets to get along.

If your pets continue to fight, they may suffer serious injuries. So, if things are getting out of hand, you may wish to separate them when you are unable to supervise them. Until you figure out a means to ensure that Mr. Cat and Ms. Dog get along.

#6 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed

Cats that act out could be stressed out. Perhaps your cat is stressed because it is (still) unfamiliar with the dog in the house. Maybe you're worried about something in your life, and your cat is picking up on it. Or it might be concerned that the issues we all had to cope with in 2020 will not simply disappear with the New Year. Who knows what will happen!
The key is that your cat needs to be peaceful, therefore do everything you can to remove any stressors from its immediate area. To help it relax, give it some toys to play with or gnaw on.

Keep in mind that developing a friendship takes time and trust. You can't expect your pets to become best friends overnight if they've been at odds for a long time. You can help them respect one other's boundaries and, ideally, create a magical friendship if you have a lot of patience.

#8 When You Are Trapped Downstairs Because The Catto Says No Passing

#9 My Fiancée’s Coworker Sent Us An Update On The Kitten We Gave Him. Zilla Demonstrating Why We Named Her Godzilla

#10 My Cat Stole My Dog’s Bone But The Dog Is Too Nice To Take It Back So Instead He Is Just Watching And Whining

#16 I Picked My Dog Up From The Groomers And My Cat Isn’t Too Pleased I Brought Her Back

#17 My Big Dog Won’t Pass The Cat Or Even Make Eye Contact For That Matter

#22 He Pretends To Be Nice To The Dog, But He’s Really Just A Jerk

#23 My Dog Is Stuck Because The Cat Knows She Controls The Stairs

#26 My Idiot Cat Performing A Sneak Attack On My Poor Senior Dog

#28 Our Cat Urinated In Our Dog’s Water Bowl. Guess It’s A Payback For The Dog Eating The Cat’s Food

#29 Found An Old Series Of Pictures From When My Dog And Cat First Met. It Did Not Go Well For My Dog

#30 Caught My Cat In The Act Of Definitely Not Trying To Smother My Dog


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