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30+ Idiot Cats That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

People always talk about how intelligent and cunning cats are. We forget that they, like us, are capable of being a bit of a knucklehead now and then, and when that happens, their theatrical personalities only add to the comedy!

We have compiled a list of cats who have temporarily forgotten how to cat here at Gidypet. When they stopped looking like the swift, graceful predators they typically are and became hilariously foolish. But don’t worry, all of these cats are OK and have only experienced a damaged ego. It definitely helped them out a little!

Scroll down to see them for yourself, and leave your thoughts in the comments!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 My Wife Just Texted Me This Picture Of Our Cat From Her Potato Phone

#3 He Is Crying Because He Thinks He Is Locked Out. Dumb As A Brick But He Is Mine And I Love Him

#4 My Cat Keeps Trying To Steal The Feather Duster, Luckily He Never Gets Too Far

#8 My Cat Might Be Broken, He Drinks His Water By Laying Under The TV Stand And Dipping His Paw In The Bowl

#9 My Cat Refuses To Use The Cat Door, It’s Now A Cat Window

#10 One Of My Cats Is Mature And Aloof. One Is An Idiot. Try And Guess Which One Is Which

#12 Some Cats Bring Their Humans Birds And Mice. Oliver Brings Me Teabags

#15 This Happened To My 3-Year-Old Maine Coon. She Committed To Falling Asleep In That Position As She Fell Further Down

#19 Went To Ask My Housemate Something And Found Her Cat Sitting Like This

#23 “What Are You Doing Home So Early?”

#27 When You’re Not The Sharpest Knife In The Drawer. The Cat’s Been Staring At This Photo For A Solid 5 Minutes

#29 My Friend’s Cat Got Its Head Stuck In A Vase, Freaked Out, Broke The Vase, And Was Left With Thi

#30 My Cat Escaped. Found Her The Next Day Outside My Son’s Bedroom Window


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