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30+ Little Kittens Who Win Internet’s Hearts With Their Cuteness

Most of people easily fall in love with tiny things, we’re drawn to cute things because we’re nurturers by nature. Smol kitties are not the exceptions, they give us the awareness of caring them because of their lovable sizes. Hundreds of thousands people adore them and like to show and share how tiny they are by creating a group called Illegally Smol Cats. “It should be illegal to be that adorable,” the online community writes in its description. And they are right. For your information, #50 is worth the wait, keep scrolling down and share us your ideas!

But sometimes just because their physiques are way too smol, it’s pretty hard for us to tell if they are a newborn baby kitty or a full-grown furball. Here’s some quick tips for you to determine:

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#1 My Baby Void When She Was The Tiniest Of Soot Sprites

When a kitten is born, it has no defense capabilities: eyes are closed, ears are closed, and they can't even stand, keep warm, or eat by themselves. At this stage, they fully trust their mother. They fit in our palms and weigh 35 ounces. These babies spend about 90% of the time sleeping and eating the other 10% of the time.
They are more and more sensitive to the surrounding environment, their eyes are almost completely opened, although their vision is still blurred when they have been in this world for a week. They weigh twice as much at birth as about 8 ounces and develop their kitten ears after about 7 days.
In the second week, the kitten continues to grow rapidly. After 14 days, their ears are almost fully expanded and begin to crawl, even though they were still completely dependent on caregivers to remove food and waste.

#2 I Sneezed

You can find out about the third week of the stage for growing whether the kitten is a boy or a girl. It has sharp teeth and gives you confidence in walking. Now you can provide them with a trash can and wet food.

Four-week kittens are tough and love to play with each other, toys and people. They begin to look like a mini version of their mother, show interest in the outside world. They are ready to start socializing!

At this point, it will take some time before the kittens are ready to go home, but the "smol" sentence is getting shorter and shorter day by day.

#6 The Alarm Didn’t Work And He Overslept. Boss Won’t Like This

#13 Shameless!! Not Only Criminally Smol, But Also Trying To Escape Quarantine!

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