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30+ Maine Coon Cats That Will Make Your Cat Look Tiny

Before scrolling down to see how amazing and floofy huge the Maine Coon cats are, let’s get to know them from the fist place, consider how desirable you are to adopt this epic pawsitivity!

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Being the largest of all cat breeds, the Maine Coon cat has a powerful muscular body and substantial legs. The large, square-muzzle ears on the head are wide and kept high. The coat consists of an undercoat covered with a long, thick, substantially glossy waterproofing barrier. The hair on the head, neck and shoulders is shorter, and the length increases toward the flanks and tail. The hair on the ship and trousers is rich and bushy. Starting under the ears, males have heavier wrinkles than females. The tail feathers flow long. The end is liquor in the ears. The foot also has the technology to form the effect of snowshoes. Maine Coon cat varieties come in over 30 different colors. Their eyes can be green, gold or bronze, and can have blue or weird eyes. Despite the distinctive size and history, Maine Coon cats are calm and sweet. They love their parents and adapt to any environment as long as they have exercise space.


The Maine Coon, like the American Shorthair breed, is considered to be of American origin because it was on this continent in colonial times, and perhaps no longer. But how they got here in the first place and where their ancestors came from, no one has any guesses. Another theory about this biggie Maine Coon moggies is the cats supposedly landed on the shores of Wiscasset, Maine, where they began to breed. This might also explain why this breed is called Maine.


Although having the most impressive appearance and size, Maine Coon cats still have some genetic health problems that you need to take note and be more gentle with your kitty:

Dysplasia is an inheritable condition that causes malformation of the hip joints and subsequent arthritis. Hip dysplasia may also occur in cats, especially in Maine Coons while dogs are commonly diagnosed.

Patellar luxation occurs in many varieties, but Coon Cats are at higher risk for the condition. Although the tendency for patellar luxation seems to be inherited, developmental problems in joints have complex inheritance patterns, and genetic tests have not yet been developed.

Importantly, cardiomyopathy is the medical term for heart muscle disease, either a primary inherited condition or secondary to other diseases that damage the heart. 


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