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30+ “My House, Not My Cat” Pics That You Will Love If You’ve Ever Wanted To Find A Strange Cat Show Up In Your Home

Have you ever experienced something similar? I bet you have. You walk into the kitchen, greet your cat on the counter (who responds with a ‘meow’), and begin brewing yourself a steaming mug of hot cocoa. You go away, but then you come to a halt and look back. That wasn’t your cat, was it? (Perhaps you didn’t have a cat at all!) How did it manage to get in? What happened to your personal feline companion?

You will appreciate the My House, Not My Cat Facebook group if you are looking for some positive vibes. It’s a wholesome online community dedicated to people who exchange images of cats who find their way into their homes, visit their yards, and meow in their offices. Please scroll down and upvote your favorite photographs, then comment with your own photos of cats who aren’t yours lounging at your house.

Stephanie Holcomb, who started the club in October 2016, told that she was inspired to start it because she was tired of seeing “My House, Not My Cat” jokes all over the internet. “Cats would just get into people’s houses through doggy doors or open windows, and these folks didn’t even have cats!” They were amusing, so I conducted a little research and discovered that no such group had been formed yet.” The rest of our in-depth conversation with Stephanie can be found below.

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#1 Gave This Guy A Piece Of Bacon On My Way Home From The Bar Last Night. Followed Me Ten Blocks Home. This Is How I Woke Up

#2 My House, Not My Cat. Came Home Yesterday To Find That Santa Left This Black Kitty On My Balcony… Who Then Proceeded To Give Birth To 7 Little Beans. 7 Black Cats Born On Christmas, That’s Gotta Be Lucky

#3 I Have Been Feeding A Cat For Some Time Now. Of Course I Set Out A Little Shelter And Blanket Also. I’ve Grown To Call Them My Phantom Kitty. I Could Never Catch It During The Day So I Figured I Would Sneak Out To Take A Peek Tonight. Look At This “Cat”

The founder of My House, Not My Cat told us that the posts are monitored by three administrators, and she also went into depth about the group's regulations.

“We do have guidelines that they [the posts] have to be group-specific, and some that aren't are declined. Other creatures, for instance, might be amusing, but we want to be precise. It needs to be your house (or yard, or deck, or work) and it can't be your cat, according to our regulations (we call them NMCs, for Not My Cat). We accept ‘My Cat, Not My House' since we've noticed that neighbors occasionally text images of their cats in their homes. It's flipped around, but the premise is the same.”

#6 I Opened My Front Door Today, And A Flea-Covered, Cuddly, Sweetheart Came Running In

“Also, the kitties have to be a surprise,” she added. “At the very least, the first post—people frequently provide updates on NMCs. Matthew, The Squatter Kitty, and Felix are some of our favorites.” 

Stephanie revealed that Felix resides in her hometown and pays a visit to a close friend. “She had no idea I was the leader of this organization and had simply started posting images of him on her Facebook page.” 

Random cats appearing and meowing into your home, according to the founder, is considerably more common than most people believe.

#7 First Photo: This Was Not My Cat, He Just Entered My House And Slept In My Bed Second Photo: Now He Climbs Me Third Photo: He’s Definitively My C A T T O Now

#8 This Is Swirl Who Was My Cat, The Kitten Is Not. He Loved Kittens And Would Steal People’s Kittens And Bring Them Home. He’s No Longer With Us So I Miss Those Days Of Coming Home To A Random Kitten In The House

#9 It Only Took A Few Months For Amelia Pond To Go From “My House, Not My Cat” To “How’d You Get So Fat?!?”

“We get folks who register and say things like, 'I'm probably not going to write anything because I'm not going to get that lucky,' and then, poof! In their house, there's a peculiar cat.” 

Anyone who agrees to follow the rules is welcome to join the Facebook group. This includes basic sense measures such as being courteous and refraining from sharing viral photographs. 

“People get yeeted if they are rude, complain, or jump all over someone for something. However, the majority of the folks are pleasant, and the group is enjoyable.”

#10 This Is My Glass Of Water, This Is My House, This Is Not My Cat Drinking My Water In My House , This Is My Neighbours Cat Ted!

#11 This Is My Bathroom…. This Is Not My Cat! This Is My Neighbours Cat Ted!

#12 I Was Told To Come Here And Tell Y’all About What Happened Over The Last 12 Hours At My House, With This Cat That Is Not My Cat, And Now These Kittens That Are Not My Kittens Or Her Kittens

#13 My Mom Sent Me This, Neither Of These Cats Belong To My Parents

#15 I Went To My Kitchen To Get My Washing Out Of The Machine And Feed My Cats, But Walked Into Five Cats In My Kitchen. I Only Have Three!

#16 This Is Mr. Black. He Is Our Neighbours Cat Who Visits Us Every Day. He Is Not Ours But He Thinks He Is!! Here He Is Doing The Biggest Blep. He Has A Natural Snaggletooth

#17 I Left The Door Open A Moment Too Long When I Got Home One Day And This Little Goob Sprinted Inside, Circled The Living Room, And Plopped On The Floor

#18 Okay, So About A Week Or So Ago I Had Just Gotten Home From Work When I Hear A Meow At My Apartment Door

#22 The Mama Cat Who Had Babies In My Garden Shed. She’s Ultra Friendly And Her Babies Are Thriving! We’ve Got A Few Friends Interested In Adopting Them, But I Think We *might* Keep Them

#23 My GF Ask Me Why Did I Put A White Cat In Our Laundry Room, Didn’t Know What She Was Talking A Out, Send Me The Pic Felt In Love With Cat, Cat Is Now Part Of The Family

#24 I Do Have A Cat, He’s The Cat On The Left. The Cat On The Right Is Not My Cat. He Would Very Much Like To Be My Cat. I Too Would Also Like Him To Be My Cat. My Actual Cat Disagrees With All Of This, And So Do His Owners

#25 My Deck, Not My Cat Or Dog!! My Neighbor’s Pets Came To Visit Me This Morning!!

#26 My Stroller, Not My Cat. This Is Ralph. Ralph Decided He Wanted To Hitch A Ride Around The Neighborhood

#27 This Beautiful Girl Visits Almost Every Day For Breakfast! We’ve Named Her “Magic”

#29 Last Year We Met This Orange Goofball While Walking Our Dog, Justin


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