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30+ Of The Best Cat Tweets

Let us tell you that cats will never stop being cute and naughty at the same time. Here we want to share with you some moments on Twitter about cats. This is going to blow your mind, especially for cat lovers who know the best about their cats. Before you look at these funny moments that happened in the past, we would like to about how meaningful a cat could bring to you. Cat has a special power that they could recognize whenever you feel happy or sad. Believe me, we have been there!

Cats are the solution to all problems that you will realize when it finally happens. Are you having a rough day? Cats. Have you had a horrible week? Cats. Are you having a poor year? Hey, you’re welcome to join the group, but cats can still make things better. How? That’s because they’re felines. They’ve been providing unending entertainment to mankind for as long as the two species have coexisted, and as you can see from our list of the funniest cat tweets, they’re still giving us something to chuckle about. Don’t forget to vote for the funniest cat tweet of the year and scroll down to enjoy these funny photos that we want to share with you!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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