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30+ Of The Coziest Tucked-In Kitties Ever

The moment when you see your kitty enjoying tucked in under the cozy blanket in your room after a 9 to 5 working day is such a precious one that every cat owner understands. Cats are the creatures that like warm places, and your sheet is not their exception. There is a group where only cat the blanket addict photos are posted called Tucked-In Kitties on Reddit which was created back in 2014. The rule is simple: share photos or videos with the main star cat tucked in under the blanket or something equivalent.

These 30+ photos below are the most blissful ones that can bring your smile to get through a day. Enjoy scrolling down with us and see how adorable the cats are when they don’t plan to take over the world!

More info: Reddit (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Lola Passed Away Suddenly Today At The Age Of 6, So I’m Spending My Night Looking At All The Many Thousands Of Photos I Took Of Her. This One Is One Of My Favourites

#2 Meet Fuzzynuckets. He’s 6 Today. Found Him Abandoned In A Hole In My Yard Just A Few Hours Old 6 Years Ago. Vet Said He’d Never Survive. He Lived In The Pocket Of My Robe And Drank Kitty Formula From A Tiny Bottle

#6 Dreaming Of All The Ankles She’s Going To Attack When She Wakes Up

#7 My Sweet Boy Mufasa Passed Away Monday, Here He Is Tucked In. Gone Too Soon

#11 My Wife Is In The Nursing Home. I Pulled Her Ragged Blanket Off Her Bed. Ticat Misses Her. Me Too, Ti. Me Too

#14 My Husband Tucks Our Cat In Every Morning Before Leaving For Work. This Is My Favourite Photo

#16 I Got A Kitten, He Came Home Ate Some Food Then Passed Out 😀

#18 My Sheets Are Permanently Covered In Fur, But He’s So Worth It

#19 Came Home And My Grandparents Said To Me, “You Need To See Rocky Right Now”

#20 I’ll Never Get Tired Of Seeing This Kitten Sleeping On Kleenex

#21 I Accidentally Untucked Him And Was Given This Face! (Don’t Worry, He Was Briskly Tucked Back In And Given A Treat For Compensation)

#27 After A Bath Because She Knocked Over The Maple Syrup And Rolled Around In It

#28 I Went To Tuck In My Daughter Only To Find This Kittycatcat Had Already Taken Her Place And Gone To Bed

#29 Our New Quarantine Foster Kitty Has Made Himself Comfortable

#30 Thought I Had Lost My Kitten! I Looked Everywhere For Her, Calling Her Name For 15 Minutes. Turns Out, She Just Went And Tucked Herself Into My Blanket For A Little Cat Nap!!


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