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30+ Of The Funniest Cat Tweets

Hey cat-holics, in case you are having an awful day, Gidypet knows just right how to brighten it up with the creature you might adore more than food: cats. Cats have a mind of their own, and obviously, they don’t mind your business. Most of the time, it would just be us giving one-sided affection and them demanding food and leave right after. However, we all know they are smart, independent creatures blessed with angelic appearance and the irresistible charm that we can never say no to, especially when they ask for treats!

Here are 30+ tweets of our furry friends we have collected, mostly cute, silly stories, or hilarious shenanigans they cause. Also, remember to read some facts below to educate ourselves about our beloved spirit animal! A 5-minute reading post sure would get you cheered up all day, scroll down!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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Cat is a domestic animal that is a part of the Felidae family, which is basically the ‘cat' family. They have leopards, tigers, lions, lynx, cheetah, …. as ‘cousins'. This also means that they are carnivorous animals - they eat meat!


Ancestors of cats have been around for some time - about 10 to 15 million years. However, cats had only been domesticated around 7200 - 7500 BC.


Under evolution and domestication, domestic cats have changed a lot since they were in the wild. However, do not underestimate their skills, as they still retain exceptional predator instincts and skills.


Their physical abilities are also well-reckoned: flexible limbs, balancing ability, powerful paws, feline agility,... Fun fact: They always land on four feets, no matter what the situation is! However, an unexplained superpower they hold is ignoring us whenever we call them, but show up real quick when dinner’s ready.


Everybody knows they ‘meow’, but it isn’t the only sound they make to communicate. Their communication methods include purring, trilling, chirping, hissing, growling, grunting, and several different forms of meowing.


Cats usually purr when they are relaxed and happy, but that’s only true in most cases. They also do the sound when they’re sick, stressed, hurt, or giving birth. Keep an eye on your cat’s purr to see what they are trying to signal! 


Most people call all felines cats or kittens, depending on their age, although this is the incorrect terminology. A clowder is a group of cats; a male cat is referred to as a tom; a female cat is referred to as a molly or queen, and young cats are referred to as kittens. Pretty cool right? 


Domestic cats enjoy playing, especially kittens chasing toys and fighting with one another. Play fighting is more than just amusement for kittens; it may also be a means for them to practice and learn hunting and fighting skills. 


Cats love exploring areas and make their domain, as they are territorial animals. They can mark objects, areas, and even humans. Cats mark their territory by patrolling, rubbing their chins, and spraying urine, so if your cushion reeks of urine, it belongs to your cat now!


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