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30+ Of The Funniest Pics Of Cats Watching People From The Ceiling

It’s really spooky when you spot your cat is on the ceiling, consistently staring at you and never blinked, isn’t it? There are two queries that make us feel baffled toward the situation: Why did they choose the ceiling to gaze and why are they staring at us so long? Let’s slide to the scientific perspectives and see what they have investigated about these ridiculous but amusing moments.

Anatomically, cats have a very sharp sense of sight and hearing, they can see things that humans and other mammals like dogs don’t. Feline’s curiosity enhances their sight as well, they can recognize the UV spectrum which a human can’t. Thus, a cat’s hearing frequency is roughly 48 Hz up to 85 kHz versus a dog’s one is a little lower, which is around 67 Hz to 45 kHz. So that means whenever a mosquito is flying around your house, your feline can fully be alert to the mosquito’s sound and they end up staring at the ceiling wall all day. So when they decide to fixate a certain point, on the ceiling or from afar, we know that there is something stimulating a cat’s sensory, and cats will set aside their precious naps just to figure out what is going on with the movements they see.

However, staying still is a sign of being unsafe. Cats like enclosed spaces in which they can feel safer and they don’t have to turn on their alert mode all the time. So, hoomans, if you see a cat who keeps staring at you, wink them back and look away, they will consider that you are not going to harm them in any way. Let’s enjoy these 30+ funniest photos of the ceiling cats, upvote the ones that you love, and tell us what you think about it!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Shop Owner Installs Glass Ceiling For Cats So They Could Stare At Him While He Works

#3 I’m A Plumber Working In A Ceiling Void Under A Leaking Shower And I Have Been Greeted By A Curious Kitty

#4 My Girlfriend’s Cat, Orange. Put Him In The Attic To Hunt For Mice And Now He Doesn’t Want To Come Back Down

#6 I’m Remodeling My Basement And All The Ceiling Tiles Were Just Removed. I Found My Cat Like This

#7 I Was Browsing The Books In This Small Secluded Book Store When I Heard Something Above My Head

#12 Over The Last Week Our Kitten Has Discovered She Can Climb

#16 The Master Who Will Break The Hole From The Ceiling Every Day And Fall From The Sky!

#18 I Walked Into Some Antique Shop And Saw This Cat Poking His Head Through A Hole In The Ceiling

#20 Cat Shocks Mom By Learning To Climb On The Ceiling Like A Spider

#24 It’s Almost 1:30 Am Here, And I Just Found A Cat In My Ceiling

#27 Shout Out To This Mofo Who Crawled Into The Kitchen Ceiling On His First Day Home


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