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30 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Furry Friends

We usually choose a pet based on our personality and there is no surprise when more and more people have adopted cats since they are seeking for peace, love, and compassion inside them through these little moggies. ‘Cat lady‘ is what you have heard all the time but people tend to meh with a ‘cat dad’ which is a stereotypical way of thinking when we’re living in the era of standing for the equality. Cat dad is believed to be sensitive, soft, and emotional compared to a man who owns a dog which is more powerful, active, and adventurous.

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#1 This Picture Was Taken Before Chip Died. His Cat Dad Took Him Out One Last Time To Enjoy What He Loved

There was a photograph series about how cool to be a cat dad in 2009 to break that kind of stereotype, and here we got now is another cat dad who's running the fanpage on Facebook called Cat Man Chris will expose to us about his life with 2 adorable kitties Cole and Marmalade. Being a cat dad is not bad, they are simply as cute as them cats and their personalities are amazing!

"I found out that black cats are the least likely to get adopted and most likely to be euthanized in animal shelters because people still believe they're bad luck and often choose cats with more colorful fur/patterns as family pets. So that's when I decided to make a video called "10 reasons to adopt a lucky black cat" and that went viral, so I decided to make that my new hobby, just making videos with Cole to show people how pawsome black cats are." - Chris the cat dad explained. In case you want to know more about black cat if they really bring bad luck, you can read the article here.

#2 Rolled Over One Morning To See The Cutest Thing Ever

Chris really started to be in love with cats when he moved to Florida in 2008 to work at the lions and tigers sanctuary although he had been living with cats when he was little at home. 

"I really started to appreciate how great they were working around big cats and I also had a resident sanctuary cat that lived with me in my trailer on the grounds. Domestic cats are just like their wild cousins, just mini versions that can't kill you.... I don't think anyway?!"

#3 My Boyfriend Cliff Works From Home, But Our Kitten Simon Insists On Being Held Multiple Times Throughout The Day

Many studies have stated that having cat is like having a purrfect therapist when they are around you with their purrings and meowings (for you information, cats only meow with people to try to communicate with us!). Chris is in the same page as well.

"They always keep us entertained and kitty therapy is my favorite, just laying on the couch watching movies with a purring cats, it's the purrfect stress relief."

Can you find any negative point about living with a cat? Cat loves us no matter who we are, affection is the purrfection!

#4 My Dad Found A Kitten Who Prefers Sleeping Like This Crying Outside A Couple Days Ago

#7 How My 20-Year-Old Cat And 70-Year-Old Father Spend Their Evenings

#8 My Dad Fixing The Pool. His Cat Likes To Help. He Would Tell You Otherwise, But He Loves That Cat

#9 “One Of My Favorite Photos From Way Back When I Was A Kitten Backpacking With My Dad”

#14 The Bond Between My Dad And His Cerebral Palsy Cat. He Fell And Needed Love

#15 “Dad’s A Heat Radiator So We Love To Snuggle With Him”

#16 That Moment When You Look At Your Best Friend And You Realize That You’re Both Legends

#21 I’m Going To Be A Dad In A Few Months So I’m Practicing With The Cat

#22 Another Episode Of Caught Cat Napping Under The Sheets, That’s A Wrap

#24 My Dad’s Rescue Cat Wasn’t Properly Weaned And Was Very Neglected. The Only Way He Will Drink Water Is If My Dad Holds A Cup. He Does This Multiple Times Per Day

#25 Hitching A Free Ride Up The Hill As Usual. I Guess We’ll Keep Him Around

#28 Whatever You’re Doing Or Tackling Today, Just Know We Support And Love You


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