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30+ Of The Most Famous Cats On The Internet

Most people have some of their idols as a person, the rest is cats. Cats easily earn people’s attention by their cuteness, quirkiness, and unusual-looking appearance. It’s not so hard to have a browse on your Facebook feed every day, you will see at least one picture of a cute cat. Cats are simply the heart stealers around the world, they do not even care who you are, that is how an idol trait is like and they nailed it.

You’ve probably seen Venus the two-faced cat, Tardar Sauce the world’s famous Grumpy Cat, or a street cat named Bob. How many more famous cats do you know? Tell us in the comment below! Before leaving any opinions, scroll down and go through 30+ of the most popular cat that people (including you) adore!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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