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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Cat Posts That Warmed Many People’s Hearts

The best way to connect people together through social media is sharing photos, specifically, cat photos. Seemingly we will have to deal with a long-term challenge of the pandemic but that doesn’t mean the we stop spreading love to our circles. These soul-soothing photos will partially or wholeheartedly brighten up your day while you’re struggling with work, or being in the bad mood. And if you have a cat, make sure you both have the same aw reactions when scrolling and looking these feline fellows’ stories.

Having a cat brings a countless benefit that you have never expected. Reducing stress, enhancing mental health (as known as pawsitivity!), teaching us how to be patient, kind, compassionate, learning about the cat’s world, etc. Sometimes, feeding and giving water are not just enough for loving a cat, though. Cat is a self-preserve creature due to the idea of knowing that no one is gonna help them when they’re in danger or threatened, giving them some space to be themselves is another way of showing our love to them, beside cuddling and snuggling.

What is your experience about a cat? Have you learned any valuable lesson from your kitty? Let us know in the comment section!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Just Turned 21 Years. He Has Accompanied Me Through Teenage Years, College, Marriage, And Was Still Able To Meet My 4 Month Old Baby. Thank You For A Lifetime Of Companionship… I Love You With All My Heart

#3 She’s Been With Me For 22 Years And Is Still Going Strong

#4 This Gem Of A Human Feeding The Stray Cat At My Apartment Complex And Giving Him An Umbrella Since It’s Raining

#7 Saved A Cat In The Freeway Today I45 No Hesitation Pulled Over Immediately, Grabbed From Traffic

#9 A Hiker Woke Up In The Night Feeling A Weight On His Legs. He Took A Photo With His Phone And This Is What He Saw

#11 When You See A Guy Bottle Feeding A Kitten On The Subway

#12 Every Day At The Same Exact Time, This Stray Cat Meets The Train’s Conductor For A Treat

#15 2 Months Ago: “We Absolutely Are Not Getting A Cat.” Now:

#16 The Day I Found Him Scared And Alone Taking Shelter Under My Car vs. Today

#18 Cake Day Update: Hit 28 Months Sober Today, Got Extra Snugs From My Best Bud

#20 When I Move Him He Complains Until He’s In The Same Spot Again

#21 My Daughter Said ‘I Love You’ For The First Time Yesterday, Of Course It Was To The Cat!

#22 A Woman Found Her Cat Alive Sixteen Days After A Destructive Tornado In Joplin, Missouri, In 2011

#23 Woman Goes To Pet Cats At A Shelter And Finds Her Cat Who Had Been Missing For A Year

#25 My Husband Has Been Working From Home Since March 27 But Marty Still Waits For Him At The Front Door At 5pm Every Day


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