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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 1)

Adopting a pet is the most beautiful act of goodness that enhances your well-being. Due to the pandemic has been spreading and threatening the world’s financial problem, many shelters are in the troublesome situations as the fundraisings are getting lower. But necessity is the mother of invention, Kelly DiCicco, who’s the adoptions promotions manager at the ASPCA revealed that many shelters are now having some innovative solutions to adopting procedures.

“With hundreds of thousands of animals across the country currently in shelters, with rescue groups, and in foster care, animal welfare organizations are implementing innovative solutions, including virtual or socially-distanced adoptions, online meet-and-greets using video chat, and minimal-contact drop-offs or pickups to help these animals find adoptive homes.”

This part is about the most 30+ wholesome and sweet photos of benevolent people who love to rescue pets, and look at their eyes, they need you to shower them with affection!

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#1 I Rarely Adopt (I Always Rescue Then Adopt Lol) But This Little Cutie That Was Born With A Facial Birth Defect Stole My Heart The Second I Saw Her Adoption Post. Please Say Hi To My New Adopted Kitten, Nala!

#5 We Adopted This 11 Year Old Senior, Shayshay, Today From A Woman Who Couldn’t Keep Her Anymore. Her First Photo Matches Her Personality. We Are So Happy To Have You, Beautiful Girl

#6 Our Son’s Dream Of Becoming A K-9 Officer Got One Step Closer Today. We Adopted Him At 2.5 After His Parents Passed Away. His New Best Friend, A Little Girl Named Jovi, Was Born On His Biological Mother’s Birthday. Meant To Be!

#7 Rescued This Very Good Boy, Arnold!! He Looks So Handsome In His Sweater!!

#8 We Adopted A Second Cat From A Hoarding Situation. It Turns Out He Was My Cat’s Soulmate. The Two Of Them Have Been Inseparable Since He Arrived

#9 We Adopted Nova 12 Weeks Ago Today And I Wanted To Share With You All How Much He Has Changed Since He Arrived

#11 Just Rescued This Sweet Lil Old Lady, Chloe. She’s 12 And She’s Gonna Have Her Finest Years Yet

#12 Baby Squirrel Found Alone In Apartment Loft Gets Adopted And Lives In A Cosy Hat, His Name Is Conker

#13 This Is Dalton, The 13 Year Old Diabetic Dog My Family Adopted Today

#14 Been Telling Myself The Only Way To Keep Them Together Is To Just Adopt Them Myself. It’s Not My Fault. I Have No Choice

#15 This Is Axel. He Was So Scared In The Animal Shelter That He Didn’t Get Adopted For 4 Months, And Then Got Returned For “Being Too Shy” When Someone Finally Took Him Home. He Loves His Life Now! Pure Bliss

#17 Stray Momma Kitty Brings Her Babies To The Nice Lady Who Had Been Feeding Her. All Kitties Were Taken In And Adopted

#20 This Angry Cat Is Named Giggles. He Was Just Adopted From A Local Shelter

#23 Broke Down And Got My First Cat Because Of You Guys! Meet Meeghan

#24 I Just Adopted This Gorgeous Boy Who Was Saved From A Hoarding/Breeding Situation And He Is The Most Affectionate Cat I’ve Ever Met! Completely Obsessed With Tofu

#25 Picked Up My New Best Friend From The Shelter Today! Meet Bosewick!

#26 Our Newly Adopted Dog Has Already Found Her Favourite Spot In The Morning Sun!

#28 We Adopted Our Second Kitten Last Week. He Sleeps Weird…

#29 Rescued Junkyard Dog Became Huge Fan Of Warm And Dry Towels And Blankets


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