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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 10)

Another month, another batch of adorable pet adoption pictures. We have gathered some of the most beautiful photographs of animals enjoying their new families and homes for the second time. This time, we have got cats, dogs, ferrets, and hens for you, all of whom have found comfort after being abandoned.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society, 5.4 million cats and dogs visited US shelters in 2019. (52 percent of them were dogs and 48 percent were cats). Seventy-nine percent of the animals were saved. While the fact that 625,000 cats and dogs were killed hurts my heart, we’ve come a long way since 2014, when up to 4 million animals were slaughtered in American shelters and the national save rate was only 50%. And nothing can stop us.

If these cute photos are not enough for your experience, please enjoy more photos at our posts below. Share this to your friends and family, and don’t forget to vote the best photos that you loved.

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#1 This Guy Got No Shows For 3 Different Adoption Days. When We Met He Climbed Right Into My Lap And I Fell In Love. Now He’s My First Dog And Lifelong Best Friend. Meet Winston!

#2 We Adopted This Cat And Now He Sits Like He Is About To Drop The Worst Dad Jokes Ever

Harvey, or Harvey The Magnificent as he is called online, is one of the adorable bundles of joy who made the list. He's a cross of a Mini Aussie and a Rat Terrier, and his owner, Reddit user mightbedylan, calls him a handful. But in a positive way! They said that "He's a nice puppy, but that boy has some energy to burn off."

"I don't know much about his past because he was recently adopted by one of my mother's neighbors. They were an older couple who liked him a lot but complained that he was too rough and that they were out of bandaids."

Harvey has been living with Mightbedylan for the past month. Fortunately, they're getting along swimmingly. "It took a time for my cats to get used to him (and for him to realize that cat tails aren't fun), but he seemed to be content! He spends the most of his time on my terrace. At least when he isn't gnawing my arm off "Harvey's proprietor made a joke. "He's a wonderful dog. My last dog died in February, and I've been missing having a dog around since then. I live alone, and cats are notorious for being uninteresting housemates."

#3 I Was Fostering This Goof When A Family Adopted Him. The Family Brought Him Back For Being “Too Large” So I Adopted Him. Welcome Home, Big Guy

#4 4 Months Ago, I Adopted A Boy With The Saddest Face From A Nearby Shelter. He’s Really Come Out Of His Shell In That Time, And Has Already Grown Attached To Me. Meet Tom Bombadog!

#5 This Little Girl Decided To Break In Through Our Front Window Every Day For A Week And Adopt Us. It’s Been A Month And No One’s Claimed Her, So We Adopted Her Back

Another pet whose photo appeared on this list is Jester. Jester's owner, Reddit member Harding44, told that, "He is, well, a goofball." "He adores his older sister, Bella, and follows her around everywhere she goes. He has a lot of energy and enjoys playing. He thinks he's a lap dog and tries to lay his entire 70 pounds on you at all times."

One of the reasons Harding44 chose Jester was because he reminded them so much of their previous dog. "He was adoring and amusing at the same time. He was very protective of me after only a few days. It didn't take long for me to figure out that he belonged with me."

"He's been living with me for approximately a month. He's adjusted in nicely and is already at ease around my family and me. We're fortunate to have him!"
"At first, my roommates and I were fostering him," Harding44 explained. "He only stayed with us for a week before being adopted by another family. They took him back to the shelter because he was "too huge and difficult to control." I grabbed him right away and haven't looked back since!"

#6 This Is My New Friend, Harvey! Took This Just Minutes After Adopting Him!

#7 I Adopted A Puppy (Right) And Today A New Dog Appeared In Front Of The Door And He Looks Like He Is The Same Dog From The Future And He Is Trying To Warn Himself About Something

#8 Say Hello To Our Retired Military Working Dog We Adopted. He Gets Toys For Life Now; Including The Biggest Tennis Balls He’s Ever Seen

In an earlier interview with us, Kelly DiCicco, Manager, Adoptions Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center, explained that adopting an animal in need – regardless of species, breed, or size – not only saves that animal's life, but also frees up valuable shelter space and resources for other animals in need. Adopting animals from a shelter has many advantages, including the fact that shelter workers are familiar with the animals and can provide thorough information about their history, medical needs, behavior, and temperament. In order to establish appropriate matches, they also evaluate a possible adopter's lifestyle, home environment, and the animal's potential compatibility with children and other animals in the home," DiCicco said.

#9 I Adopted My First Ever Cat. I Was Nervous About It, But I Think She’s Found Her Home. Meet Blueberry

#11 I Helped This Sweet Girl Get Adopted. Her Parents Sent Me This Photo Of Her In Their New Home

When visiting a shelter or rescue, DiCicco advises those who are serious about getting a new pet to keep an open mind and heart since they might end up with a pet they hadn't considered before, such as a senior animal or one of a different breed, size, or species. "When it comes to deciding which pet to adopt, prospective adopters should feel free to ask plenty of questions and seek advice from shelter workers, as each shelter has its own population of animals, and no one knows them better than the individuals who work with them every day," Kelly explained.

"Furthermore, shelter employees are trained in establishing successful matches and may assist potential adopters in determining whether an animal is a good personality and lifestyle match. They also take into account each animal's history and activity level, as well as how the animal will interact with other humans and pets in the house."

The cases of Harvey and Jester are wonderful examples of how good these matches can be!

#12 This Is Old Lady (Almost 18), Her Family Of 16 Years Gave Her To A Shelter Where She Lived For Almost A Year, Until We Adopted Her A Few Months Ago. Giving Her The Best Life Possible

#14 Just Adopted This Old Lady And I’m In Love. Sushi, 9 Years Old

#15 Meet Van Gogh. Trying To Get Him To Pose For His Adoption Photo

#19 We Adopted This Five Year Old Shelter Cat Last Week, I Adore Her And She Adores Us. Couldn’t Ask For A Better Girl, Ily Rosie

#20 Akali Was Returned To The Shelter By Her First Adopter, But Now I Have A Best Friend

#22 4 Day Old Kitten! Her Mama Disappeared, So I’m Bottle Feeding And Adopting Her

#23 We Just Adopted This Beautiful Senior Lady And I’m So In Love With Her Already

#25 Adopted A Stray Cat, Two Weeks Ago She Wouldn’t Be In The Same Room As A Human. Tonight, She Scratched At My Bedroom Door To Come In. No Touching Though!

#26 Baxter Lived To Twice His Life Expectancy (8/16.5). I’m So Proud To Be His Rescue Mom. Love, Boop Snoots And Adopt!

#27 I Adopted Two Special-Needs Kittens Separately. Today They Held Hands

#29 We Adopted A Corgi. One Of Her Ears Just Popped Up Overnight!

#30 After Fostering 4 Pups Over A Period Of 3 Mths, I’ve Decided To Adopt The 5th One! You’re Coming With Me Wherever I Go From Now On! Welcome To Your Forever Family, Haribo!


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