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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 12)

Because the United States lacks a centralized reporting system, accurate data from shelters and rescue organizations is difficult to come by. Furthermore, most states do not need the numbers to be shared at all. However, some estimates suggest that as many as 6.5 million dogs and cats enter shelters each year. That’s a lot of information. Keep in mind, however, that this figure is down from almost 20 million in 1973.

Animal welfare organizations have accomplished a lot for animals around the country thanks to public support. As a thank you to everyone who helped, we at Gidypet are continuing our series, sharing wholesome photos of adopted pets who have been given a second chance at life.

You’ll also find a transcript of our chat with Sarah Bhimani of the Animal Humane Society (AHS), which offers direct care and services to approximately 100,000 animals in need throughout Minnesota.

We are happy to make more list of our cutest photos and we are hoping you enjoy your time at Gidypet. Whenever you want to spend more time with us, please continue enjoying these lovely pictures and remember to share it your friends or family.

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#1 We Adopted A Horse That Was Going To Be Slaughtered. This Is My 2 Year Old Braiding Her Hair And Singing To Her While She Eats

#2 Adopted Roy. I’m His Third Owner And He Had Been In The Shelter Since Last October. They Warned Me It Might Take Some Time For Him To Warm Up To Me

When an animal joins a shelter, it must become accustomed to its (hopefully) brief stay. It is possible that the adjustment will be challenging. According to Sarah Bhimani, AHS's Internal Communications and Content Producer, an animal's reaction to the shelter environment is quite individual and varied.

"One difficulty we notice is that the shelter may be an overwhelming location for some animals — there are a lot of new smells and sounds, other animals, new people, and so on," she noted. "We use a variety of tactics to make these animals feel more at ease, including placing them in offices (which are usually quieter and away from other animals), providing extra enrichment (toys, food, and time with staff and volunteers), and giving anti-anxiety medicine on occasion."

#4 Hi Meet Salem! Adopted Friday The 13th! He Likes To Stick His Tongue Out At You

#5 This Is Felix. He’s Fiv+ And I Knew He Had Low Adoption Chances. Bringing Him Home Was The Best Decision Ever

With so many animals passing through AHS facilities, Bhimani explained that "some dogs or cats may catch a respiratory infection (similar to the common cold in humans) while in the shelter (commonly known as kennel cough in dogs and upper respiratory infection, or URI, in cats) while in the shelter."

The good news is that the Animal Humane Society has excellent measures in place to treat animals with respiratory infections and to keep other animals from contracting it.

#6 Just Adopted These Love Bugs And Now I’m Never Leaving The House

#7 This Is Pudding, I Adopted Him – He Has No Teeth So Keeping His Tongue In Is Hard…

#8 My Partner Didn’t Want To Get A Cat, Then A Stray Adopted Us. He Fell In Love Pretty Quick

When you acquire a pet, the amount of time and energy it takes for the animal to adjust to its new surroundings can differ. However, Bhimani offered some basic advice that can benefit both of you:

Make sure you have all of the items you'll need before bringing your pet home (or leaving the shelter), such as litter and litterboxes, food and food/water containers, collar and leash, toys, and so on. Many of these items are likely to be available for purchase at the shelter.

#10 Adopting Him, Van Gogh Finally Feels Comfortable Enough To Show Us His Preferred Way To Sit

#11 This Tiny Beast Just Came Home With Me Today

Make a “sanctuary space” in your home for your new pet. While it may be tempting to immediately allow your pet free reign of the house, this might be stressful for your pet. This is especially critical if you have other pets or young children at home. Your pet's food, water, bed, toys, litterbox, and other items should be placed in this room. Allow your pet to spend about a week in this room to adjust to their new surroundings and get to know you and your family. Interactions between pets and children should always be supervised, and children should be taught how to properly interact with their new pet.

If your pet looks at ease after a week, you can let them explore other sections of your house. When exposing your dog to the rest of the house, keep a leash on them so you can immediately redirect them if they try to jump on or play with something they shouldn't.

#12 I Just Adopted This Senior Lady! She’s The First Cat I’ve Ever Had And She’s Also The Sweetest One I’ve Ever Known Senior Cat Appreciation!

#14 We Named Her Vixie, After The Fox And The Hound. We Have No Idea What Breed She Is Because We Adopted From The Shelter

Dogs and cats aren't the only ones in need, as you can see from the photos.

"It depends on the shelter, but we also care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, ferrets, gerbils, mice, rats, tiny birds, chinchillas, degus, and hedgehogs here at Animal Humane Society," Bhimani continued.

Visit to learn more about animal adoption and other ways you can help animals.

#16 Found A Pregnant Momma Outside In The 100°f+ Texas Heat

"Needless to say this sweet momma found a new home for the next few months while she gives birth and I raise the little ones up for adoption. Neighbors thankfully have been helping too and have connections for the lil ones."

#17 I Adopted A 12 Yo Cat Named George And I Love Him So Much!!! My Real Life Toothless

#21 We Adopted A Dog And The Cat Is Finally Ready To Hate Him Up Close

#24 Adopted 14 Week Old Brothers. Everyone Meet Pancakes And Waffles! They Love To Snuggle You Or Each other

#25 My Girlfriend Witnessed A Drink Driver Roll Their Car. The Puppy Was Ejected From The Vehicle, She Saved Him. Yesterday, I Adopted Him

"The dog was neither microchipped or wearing a collar. When law police delivered the puppy to animal services, the owner was given a week to claim and verify ownership. When the owner contacted the highway patrol, he was given all of the necessary information. However, they never followed through on their promise to contact animal services. As a result, the puppy is handed over to the system. I went to see him practically every day until I was able to adopt him."

#27 My Foster Dog (Soon To Be Adopted By Me) Got Neutered. He Was Miserable In The Hard Plastic Cone, So My Friend Got Him This Soft Flower Cone, He’s So Happy Now

#28 In A Span Of Two Days We Adopted This Baby And Got Engaged

#30 I Adopted Otto, An 8 Year Old Boston Terrier From The Shelter Last Week. This Was His Face When He Saw His New Home For The First Time


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