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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 2)

Every pet deserves a second chance where they should be filled with love and happiness. Since the abandoned animals have been through a rough time, pets are likely to be more insecure and afraid of getting hurt again. Our mission is to be more careful about their both physical and mental health, be patient for them to reopen their heart and trust, be compassionate about the past that we might or might not know.

Pets can be aggressive at first being rescued, but I am telling you, love can heal everything and animals have a high emotional quotient, just wait and see the marvelous magic will happen from the tragedy. These touching photos of the 30+ rescued pets will warm your heart.

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#1 Found This Cat Crying Outside My House So I Decided To Adopt It

#2 My Friend Found Her Alone In The Road And Saved Her Life. Here Is What 4 Months Of Love Did For Her Once We Adopted Our New Baby Arya

#3 After Three Months Of Being Sober I Decided To Treat Myself With A Gift. I Went To The Shelter Today And Adopted This Cute Beagle. His Name Is Nikko 🙂 Three Months Alcohol Free Baby!!

#5 Meet Amy! She’s 12 And I Rescued Her Yesterday. I Love Her

#6 He Rescued Me Over Ten Years Ago. Can’t Imagine Life Without Him

#7 Wasn’t Sure How My Rescue Kitten Would Handle Her First Night. Woke Up Like This

#8 Our Rescue Was S M O L. This Is Him On His First Day In His New Home

#10 I’m Sure Many Of You Have Seen The Video Of The Racist Woman That Threw A Dog At A Young Black Man. The Cries Of The Dog Were Heartbreaking. However, The Good News Is That The Young Man Has Decided To Adopt The Dog And She Is Doing Well. Here She Is Safe A

#12 On The Left Is Emmy At The Shelter, Way To Skinny And Unhealthy, And On The Right Is Emmy A Year After We Adopted Her. Once She Got All Healthy All Her Beautiful Floof Grew In! My Sweet Girl

#13 My Mom Didn’t Believe Me When I Tried To Explain How Odd Our Newest Rescue, Kittywhite, Is.

#14 Lia On Day 1, Looking At My Husband. Already So Much Love!

#18 Steak, Short For Beefsteak Tomato, A Feral Tom Rescued From The La Streets Has Finally Found A Forever Home. Yay Steak

#19 Just Adopted This Old Man To Give Him Some Comfort In His Golden Years

#20 4 Years Ago We Adopted The Worst Kitten At The Humane Society. The Lady Told Us “You Don’t Want This Cat. She’ll Never Be Happy, And If She Sets Foot Outside You’ll Never See Her Again.” Challenge Accepted. I’m Proud Of How Far She’s Come With The Right Ho

#21 I Only Rescued Her One Week Ago And She Loooves Cuddling. I Haven’t Had To Take An Anxiety Pill Since Getting Her Because She’s Like The Ultimate Weighted Blanket

#22 We Adopted A Doggo Today! He’s 12/13 (The Rescue Centre Wasn’t Sure) And A Very Good Boy

#23 Turok The Galgo Before The Adoption In June And 3 Months Later Longboi Has His Own Bed

#25 I Adopted These Three Kittens After I Found Them Stranded In On A Highway I Live Next To And I Love Them

#26 Adopted This 11 Year Old Pup Today. She Spent Most Of Her Life Outside And The Past 118 Days At The Shelter. This Was Her Reaction To Her ‘Gotcha Day’ Toy, And Her Sleeping With It A Few Hours Later

#27 Against My Better Judgment, We Have Adopted A Pair Of One-Eyed Chaos Kittens

#28 This Is Toof, The Stray Cat That Has Apparently Adopted Us

#30 21-Year-Old Cat Brothers Find A New Home After Desperate Plea: ‘They Just Should Not Be In Rescue.’ “Due To Their Age, We Are Keen To Get These Lovely Boys Settled Into A New Home Asap,” The Rspca Northamptonshire Branch Previously Said


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