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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 5)

Another month, another list of pets in need of adoption. We have made it a monthly ritual to visit the subreddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption, and it’s really heartwarming to see that individuals continue to offer their homes and hearts to abandoned shelter animals who deserve a second shot.

According to the Best Friends Animal Society, 5.4 million cats and dogs visited US shelters in 2019. (52 percent of them were dogs and 48 percent were cats). Seventy-nine percent of the animals were saved. While the fact that 625,000 cats and dogs were killed hurts my heart, we’ve come a long way since 2014, when up to 4 million animals were slaughtered in American shelters and the national save rate was only 50%.

Yes, we can and should improve more. But these photographs show that we are making progress!

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#1 This Stray Cat Was Hit By A Car, Had A Broken Jaw And Arm. Doctors Did Surgery But Had To Remove Most Of Her Teeth. She Recovered Fully And Has A Goofy Smile Now. One Of The Surgeons Adopted Her Straight From The Clinic And Named Her Duchess The Miracle Cat

Animal rescue organizations reported an increase in adoption and foster applications at the start of the lockdown. Later, through, various contradicting articles began to emerge. People stepped up to foster at an unprecedented rate after things shut down in mid-March last year, according to Temma Martin, Public Relations Manager at Best Friends Animal Society. "24PetWatch is a shelter management program that has been tracking overall aggregate numbers for the 1,200 organizations that utilize their database to highlight the impact of the pace of change since COVID across all organizations. According to their data, the first week after the shutdowns began (March 14-20, 2020) witnessed a 93 percent rise in animals going to foster compared to the previous week "Before," Martin explained.

#2 Went To Adopt A Kitten Yesterday And Her Sister Started Crying For Her As Soon As They Were Separated. So Now I Have Two Kittens. Best Decision Ever!

As the weeks and months of COVID and 2020 progressed, adoptions and fosters tapered out, but it was still a fantastic year for pet fostering and adoption.

"The contradicting claims about how it compared to the previous year need to be explained. They are the result of comparing overall numbers of adoptions and pets in foster care year over year vs. looking at the percentage adopted or fostered compared to the number of shelter animals available."

#4 Sterile Cat Gets An Adoption Kitten From The Streets

"Here's why: While there are clearly numerous groups that have witnessed increased real numbers of adoptions and fosters since the start of the pandemic," Martin stated, "the national stats sources that organizations use reflect a little more nuanced picture."

The actual (raw) number of adoptions is down from the previous year. Adoptions as a percentage of intake, on the other hand, are increasing. This indicates that, happily, because the intake was lower in 2020—fewer animals entered shelters—there were fewer animals in need of adoption.

However, in comparison to the number of animals available, the percentage of animals adopted was higher than in 2019.

#6 The Moment I Knew I Had To Adopt Him

"According to 24PetWatch, shelter populations in 2020 (as compared to 2019) were down considerably, therefore there were less animals to adopt," Martin explained. "Adoptions (in raw numbers) were approximately 20% lower in 2020, yet they were over 4% higher as a percentage of animals in the sheltering system than in 2019."

"Like adoptions, foster rates (as a percentage of the shelter population) were roughly 6 points higher in 2020 (although around 3% lower in the raw number of animals fostered)," Martin continued. "Fostering rates climbed more significantly for cats than for dogs, while both increased."

#7 This Lucky Little Lady Was Found Abandoned In The Middle Of The Road At Just A Few Weeks Old. She Was Missing One Eye And The Other Was So Severely Infected That It Had To Be Removed. After Nursing Her Back To Health, She Was Too Amazing To Put Up For Adoption. So, Meet Smishy!

#8 I Just Adopted My First Pet! This Is Kisa, She Is My Emotional Support Animal My BF And I Discovered She’s A Naturally Cuddly Kitty Who Loves Pets! In Only 3 Days She’s Made Her Own Little Nap Spot On My Bed, And We Chill While I Do Homework. She’s Also Beautiful To Boot!

Due of the epidemic, many animal shelters and rescue organizations were closed to the public. Best Friends' Lifesaving Centers were no exception. However, they changed and began conducting more virtual work, demonstrating to many that ending pet homelessness requires more than just a structure.

Virtual adoptions, when potential adopters meet available pets and their foster parents, as well as an adoption specialist, through video chats, is one of the largest developments that happened almost instantaneously, according to Martin. "Not only for Best Friends, but for shelters and rescue groups across the country, this turnaround occurred."

#9 Since I Adopted Her She Has Been Hiding Under The Couch And Today She Came To Me For The First Time After Two Weeks

#10 It Took 3 Months, But Our Rescue Boy Has Learned That Beds Are Safe And Comfy. After 5 Years Alone In An Outdoor Concrete Run, It’s Beautiful To See Him So Relaxed

#11 After A Decade In A Shelter, A Rescue Dog Named Wiggles Finally Has A Home

Surprisingly, several organizations claim that virtual adoptions are even more successful than traditional adoptions. This could be because pets perform better in foster homes than in kennels or cages, according to Martin. "Rather than meeting a dog or cat in a shelter, adopters can meet them virtually in a house or on a couch, and see their genuine personality show in a foster home."

Foster parents also have a better understanding of the animals and can engage directly in the virtual adoption process, sharing with possible adopters how the pets interact with other animals and family members, as well as their unique likes and dislikes, abilities, and mannerisms.

#12 Been Telling Myself The Only Way To Keep Them Together Is To Just Adopt Them Myself. It’s Not My Fault. I Have No Choice

#13 I Volunteer For A Cat Shelter And This Kitten Was Dropped Off By A Woman Who Said Her Neighbors Were Trying To Kill Him Because They Didn’t Like Black Cats. After Being Treated For An Abscess On His Leg Caused By A Bb, I’ve Adopted Him So He Can Derp His Life Away In Comfort And Safety

"One of the pandemic's silver linings is how a transformational vision for animal shelters, which many organizations, including Best Friends, have been developing and piloting, is speeding and spreading. When the epidemic first struck, animal shelters appealed to their communities for help, and those communities responded in a way we had never seen before, stepping forward to be a part of the solution. Shelters, for example, saw an unprecedented number of people sign up to foster children. For the first time in their history, some shelters totally vacated their kennels."

Martin believes that this new approach to community-supported sheltering will endure long after the pandemic has passed.

#15 He’s 12 Years Old And I’m Hoping To Make His Golden Years Brighter By Adopting Him. Reddit, Meet Charlie!

#16 This Is Nazuka, We Rescued Him A Couple Hours Ago. He Used To Live Under A Broke Down Car, We Adopted Him And He’s Now My Husband’s First Dog

Also, keep in mind that you can support shelter animals even if you are unable to adopt one at this time. Not only that, but you can help keep animals from entering shelters in the first place.

"People can directly assist shelters by volunteering, contributing, and spreading the information if they have the opportunity. Foster a pet, even if you can't adopt one right now "Martin said.

#17 We Officially Ended Our Foster And Now We’re His Forever Home!

#18 Went To My Local Shelter To Adopt A Cat And This Lovebug Ran Up To Sit In My Lap. She Was Found On A City Sidewalk Giving Birth Months Ago. Her Kittens Have Since Been Adopted But This Mama Cat Has Been Living At The Shelter. She Arrived At My Apartment Today And Has Already Made Herself At Home

#19 I’ve Been Dreaming Of Adopting A Velvet Hippo For Years. The Perfect Girl Was Surrendered At My Hospital And Now She’s All Mine

You can also consider donating to initiatives that assist individuals keep their dogs at home, such as pet food pantries run by shelters or human food banks. "The pandemic has upended everyone's lives since last year, but a sad number of people in every town have also been financially destroyed during this tough period," Martin said.

"Many pet owners who were employed prior to the pandemic may now be wondering how they'll afford to buy the next bag of dog or cat food to care for and keep their pets safe at home from week to week." A bag of pet food can mean the difference between keeping a dog or cat at home and having to make the difficult decision to surrender their pet to a shelter."

#22 Rescued My Neighbor’s Chicken A Few Weeks Back, Now She Comes Knocking On My Door Every Morning To Gossip

Additionally, check into other resources that help pets and people to see if there's anything else you can do. There are resources available in many communities, from temporary housing for displaced pets, to pet food pantries, to free and low-cost spay and neuter and veterinary care. Martin said that other community-supported options might include reaching out to friends and family on social media, your veterinarian, or apps like Next Door.

"Know the power of neighbors helping neighbors. Helping people find needed resources or even providing temporary foster care for the pets of neighbors in crisis can help keep their pets from being relinquished to shelters as they get back on their feet. Here's a link about forming a neighborhood network."

#23 My First Ever Pet Besides A Goldfish, Everyone Meet Pluto. I Rescued Her From An Animal Shelter

#24 So Apparently My Brother Adopted A Stray Cat And When I Came To Visit, He Introduced Himself Before I Could Get Into The House!

#25 From Stray To Foster To Forever Home. I Think She Likes It Here

Martin pointed out that before last year’s stay-at-home orders confined pee, many would-be pet parents across the country may have felt they didn’t have the time or weren’t home enough to foster or adopt an animal. But a lot has changed since then. For so many people who are now working remotely from home, it seems there’s no better time to welcome a furry friend into their lives.

"This has been a fantastic time to adopt because pets are just good for us. Numerous studies have determined that the presence of pets is beneficial for our physical and mental health. The companionship of animals has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lessen depression and anxiety, helping people to feel calmer and more secure when the news from the outside world is distressing."

#27 Statler, A Rescued 33 Year Old Indian Flying Fox Here At Bat World Sanctuary, Has Been Getting Some Crazy Social Media Attention Lately! He Sends His Love And Appreciation

#28 I Found This Little Guy Yelling Alone In The Scrapyard, After A Clean Up And A Trip To The Vets To Check For A Microchip, I Can Finally Say I’ve Adopted My First Kitten! Welcome Arthur

"Many first-time fosters or adopters who have been working from home during the pandemic have realized how easy it is to care for a pet, and that they really do have time to have a pet around, even after they go back to work," Martin said.

"By now people have undoubtedly discovered the secret reality of what dogs and cats really do all day. Whether there are people around or not, they mostly sleep, with a bit of eating and playing mixed in--all things that they can do just as easily without human companionship. Plenty of people work full-time jobs and provide loving homes to foster or adopted pets."

#29 Our New Rescue Dog Already Gives Us The Cutest Derpy Smile


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