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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 6)

In the United States, it is anticipated that 625,000 adoptable dogs and cats were euthanized in 2019. There are simply too many animals entering shelters and too few individuals thinking about adopting a pet while shopping for one.

However, this heinous figure might be drastically decreased. It only takes two things: more responsible pet owners to prevent animals from ending up in shelters in the first place, and more people adopting rather than purchasing pets.

When you adopt an animal, you not only gain a lifelong companion, but you also free up shelter space for another animal in severe need. Following in the footsteps of our predecessors, we at Bored Panda combed through the subreddit r/BeforeNAfterAdoption and hand-picked the most wholesome photographs posted this month, depicting cute creatures enjoying their second chance at life.

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#1 The Shelter Made A Rule That These Siblings Had To Be Adopted Together Because They Were Inseparable. They Sleep Like This Every Night

Owning a companion animal, such as a dog or a cat, has proven to be beneficial to mental health and has proven to be extremely beneficial to people throughout the epidemic. Interactions with animals, after all, may aid with sadness and anxiety, especially in stressful situations (human-animal interactions may even improve peer-to-peer social relationships as well as enhance feelings of respect, trust, and empathy between people).

However, other researchers are concerned that COVID-19-related health, economic, and social pressures, as well as inconclusive reports of companion animals being potential COVID-19 carriers, could result in a significant increase in dog abandonment.

#2 Adopted A Cat But Left Her Brother So I Had To Go Back A Few Days Later And Get Him Too

However, one study found that the more social isolation there was during the COVID-19 pandemic, the more people wanted to acquire dogs. The adoption rate climbed dramatically, whereas the rate of dog abandonment remained same. Furthermore, there was a definite link between an individual's quality of life and their impression of their dog's quality of life and behavior—because humans and dogs are both social creatures, these findings suggest that human-dog interactions have only strengthened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#3 This My New Pupper Sanoi! She’s About 14 Weeks Old And Can’t Figure Out What To Do With Her Ears

Temma Martin, the public relations manager of Best Friends Animal Society, said there is now a silver lining for pets in shelters. Martin told that, "People have stepped up like never before adopting and foster, both for Best Friends and for shelters across the country."

"Shelters and rescue organizations swiftly adapted to continue saving lives through virtual adoptions, and many shelters report even more success with virtual adoptions than traditional adoptions, because pets do much better in foster homes than they do in kennels or cages." This gives potential adopters the opportunity to meet a dog or cat electronically, in a house or on a couch, rather than in a shelter, and see their genuine personality show in a foster home."

#4 Just Thought I’d Share My Blind Rescue Being Her Adorable Self

Foster parents, according to Martin, have a better understanding of the animals and can participate directly in the virtual adoption process, sharing with potential adopters how the pets interact with other animals and family members, as well as their individual likes and dislikes, quirks, skills, and behaviors.

"For example, according to Best Friends' Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City, nearly 5,000 animals were placed in foster homes and 3,050 were adopted from January to December 2020, compared to 2,740 foster placements and 2,514 adoptions in 2019." 

The good news is that these data also indicate a larger picture. Since the virus took over our globe, a remarkable number of COVID-19 cats and pandemic pups have been adopted from shelters and rescue groups across the country, according to Martin. "Over the last eight months, at least a million pets have been adopted, and tens of thousands more are currently in foster homes," according to shelter pet data providers Shelter Animals Count and PetPoint, which gather shelter admission and outcome data from thousands of shelters around the country.

#5 Was Hesitant When The Shelter Said We Had To Get Two, Think I Understand Why Now

"It's understandable that so many people are looking for a pet during the [pandemic]," Martin continued. "Our pets provide emotional support, help us cope with social isolation, and, in the case of dogs, get us outside for exercise and fresh air at this trying period."

This is also an excellent time to adopt because pets are really beneficial to our health."

Numerous studies have found that having pets in the house is good for our physical and mental well being. Animal companionship has been demonstrated to alleviate stress, blood pressure, sadness, and anxiety, making individuals feel calmer and more comfortable when the news from the outside world is disturbing."

#6 Rescued Tiny Dog. No More Worries Little Guy. You Will Forever Be Warm Now

If you want a companion animal but don't have the financial means to purchase one, Best Friends Animal Society recommends adopting a homeless pet from a local animal shelter or rescue group rather than buying from a breeder, pet store, or online retailer.

While there are numerous advantages to adopting, one of the most significant is the knowledge that you are saving a life. Purebreds, mutts, and cats—animals of all tails and paws lose their homes due to circumstances beyond their control, such as financial hardship, divorce, or a family death.

"These animals are waiting in shelters and rescue organizations for someone to fall in love with them and adopt them," Martin explained. "Adopted dogs appear to recognize that they have been given a second opportunity, and they are more than likely to reward their families with unconditional affection for the rest of their lives. Adopters frequently comment that their shelter and rescue pets demonstrate a level of devotion, affection, and loyalty to their families that pets obtained from other sources simply cannot match."

#7 My Boyfriend Said Belle’s Different Colored Eyes Creeped Him Out When We Adopted Her, But I Think They Are Beautiful

#8 My Grandparents Adopted A Kitten And They Sent Me This Pic In The Mail

#10 We Adopted Two Kitties 7 Months Ago. We Got Them Home And Notice One Of Them Is Covered In Hearts. Seven And Counting. Here’s River, King Of Hearts

#11 My Wife And I Adopted Our First Dog 7 Months Ago. Shelter Said He Was Skittish And Would Take A Long Time To Feel Safe And Comfortable With Us. That Has Not Been The Case At All. Wallace Is The Best, Derpiest Boy. He Definitely Feels At Home With Us

#13 Everyone Say Hello To My Newly Adopted German Shepherd Tyson. Happiest Day Of My Life. In Our Culture, We Put A Flower Necklace As A Token Of Welcome

#14 I Adopted A Cat. He Is Currently Judging Your Life Choices

#15 Meet Our Mochi. We Found Her Inside A Tree At A Turkish Market. Tonight She Sleeps With Heating For The First Time

#19 We Got A Puppy From A Street Dog Rescue In Guadalajara. Meet Donatella!

#20 My Friends Adopted A New Puppy. Don’t Let The Poker Face Fool You; He’s Overjoyed

#21 Wife Heard Meowing In The Bushes At The Gas Station. And Found. Lionel. Say Hi To The Newest Addition To Our Family

#23 7 Months Ago We Adopted Toby, He Has Been In The Shelter For Over 6,5 Years. We Plan On Being His Furever Home!

#24 This Is Toby. I Found Him At Work Under Some Pallets During A Heavy Rain Storm. I Sat In The Rain For 40 Minutes To Gain His Trust To Come Out And Now He’s Home Safe And Happy

#25 7 Months Ago My House Went From Zero Dogs To Eleven Dogs In The Span Of A Few Hours. Meet Emmy Lou And Her Pile Of 10 One Week-Old Puppies. Fostering Ftw!

#26 Salem Joined Our Family 7 Months Ago. People Seem To Like Her Ears

#27 Rescued A 2,5 Year Old Doberman Today To Join My 3,5 Year Old Rescue Boxer. So Basically, Now I Have 2 Sets Of Disappointed Eyes That Would Like To Know Where I’ve Been And Why I Ever Thought It Was Ok To Leave The House!

#29 My Girlfriend And I Adopted A Senior Pitbull Mix That Wasn’t Getting Too Much Interest At The Shelter. We Don’t See Why, Because She Is A 57lbs Brick Of Love And Affection. Meet Tika


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