30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 7)

Having a pet might sound like a great idea, but to actually own one and take care of it is a significant commitment. There will even be more responsibilities if you choose to adopt a pet from animal shelters because most of them used to be strays, or were rescued from abusive, neglected owners. Taking rescued pets doesn’t simply mean providing them shelter and food, but it is also giving them safety, comfort and helping them heal from past traumas. Hard work as it may sound, the results are so worthy they can blow away all the fears and doubts around pet adoption. Reddit’s famous thread r/BeforeNAfterAdoption has again gathered touching, yet beautiful rescuing stories, and we have picked out the 30 best photos capturing the rescue journeys and pets blooming positive auras while living their best lives. 

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#1 My foster dog had never been indoors before. This is her first nap, on a bed, in a home

#2 My foster kitten is part domestic shorthair, part vampire

A large amount of people have been reported to begin adopting animals at the start of the epidemic, as cages in animal shelters were getting more spacious.  Skeptics, on the other hand, are still cautious of whether the sudden event will deliver any long-term effects. They believed that once the isolation is lifted and new easing regulations are released, residents will be able to resume their normal lives, and pet returns will skyrocket. New evidence, on the other hand, suggests differently.

#3 Anytime someone asks to adopt the pups separately I send them this picture

#4 A fantastic blep from my newly adopted blind old kitty, ambrose

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)has  just announced new data from a nationwide poll of 5,020 people. According to the data, nearly one in every five families has adopted a cat or dog since the COVID-19 issue began, accounting for over 23 million American households, according to the 2019 U.S. Census.

#6 We had no plans to adopt our current foster dog but then this happened

"The vast majority of these households still have that pet in the home—90 percent for dogs and 85 percent for cats—and are not considering rehoming their pet in the near future," ASPCA said in a statement. "Despite alarmist headlines tied to regional reports of a surge in owner surrenders, this trend is not currently evident on a national level with many organizations simply seeing a return to pre-pandemic operations and intake."

#7 My neighbor just adopted this little thing and I just can’t, he’s so cute!

#8 Adopted a 12 year old cat. Her look tells me she’s thankful and I’m smitten

#9 “Old man Ed’s “I’m getting adopted!” smile is both handsome and proud” I am getting along well with the old man

"This incredibly stressful period motivated many people to foster and adopt animals, as well as further cherish the pets already in their lives, and our recent research shows no significant risk of animals being rehomed by their owners now or in the near future as a result of the lifting of pandemic-related restrictions," said Matt Bershadker, ASPCA President and CEO. “Pets are still providing their families with joy and comfort, regardless of changes in circumstances, and loving owners continue to recognize and appreciate the essential role pets play in their lives."

#10 The orange kitten I rescued from under my stairs two days ago already knows how to pose like a supermodel

#11 Meet Zoey everyone! My little 4lb peanut I rescued from the side of the road

#12 They said she was a normal cat when we adopted her but I’m still not convinced

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the country, many of the pet owners surveyed are trying to integrate their new four-legged family members into their lifestyles, without concern about not having enough time to spend with their pet or wanting to travel more but being limited by an animal. COVID-19 might be hazardous and cause us tremendous inconveniences, it also brings so many humans and animals together, connecting new and meaningful bonds and also gathering lots of love and faith in humanity during hard times. Gidypet hopes that adoption continues to be promoted and done so that many more pretty angels can have a new forever home they deserve!

#14 So, I adopted my first cat he’s a senior with arthritis, kidney disease, and bad teeth, but he’s the absolute sweetest boy; it was love at first sight he’s only been here for an hour, but he seems to be settling into his retirement home nicely

"Although some pet owners expressed general concerns, 87 percent of respondents shared that they are not considering rehoming their animal, suggesting that pet owners remain committed to caring for their cats and dogs," ASPCA explained.

But it is important to remember that even without a national surge in returns occurring at this time, there are a variety of reasons that might make it difficult for individuals to keep a pet due to new factors outside of their control.

#15 Been struggling with depression and anxiety for years. And I have finally decided to adopt my own cat and I already feel so much better. Say hi to princess Leia everyone

#16 This baby had been returned to the shelter by previous adopters. I will never understand how someone couldn’t want him. He is the best companion and he is my best friend

#17 Meet Eugene. He’s a parvo survivor that I fostered for over a month, and after 2 failed pending adoptions I took it as a sign from the universe that he was meant to stay forever

"The ASPCA encourages any pet owner who may be considering rehoming their pet to enlist the support of a friend or neighbor—or to reach out to a shelter or rescue organization in their area, as the staff can often provide advice and assistance," the organization said. Some issues are tougher than others. So for pet owners who are concerned about their new dog experiencing separation anxiety when routines change, there are many resources to help ease the transition, and working with a certified applied animal behaviorist, veterinary behaviorist or certified professional dog trainer can help. For more information about the ASPCA's efforts to keep people and pets together, visit ASPCA.

#19 I’m newly a divorced single mom. I adopted this guy who had been returned to the shelter. He thanks me every day…But he’s got no idea how thankful I am for him

#20 A month ago she showed up crying at our window. After searching for her owner and bringing her to the shelter, this weekend we officially adopted our sweet little Junie B

#22 Went to look at new born cats and this guy crawled into my hoodie filled out the adoption papers not just a minute later with the fluff ball still in my hood

#23 We adopted a 6 month old pit/lab mix yesterday, say hello to Larry everybody!

#25 Started volunteering at the animal shelter 2 weeks ago. Brought home my first foster family today. Momma and 6 3 week old babies

#26 I grew up thinking Huskies were majestic. Then I adopted Argo

#28 Adopted a dog last week. This is how she slept the other night

#30 We adopted a bulldog yesterday the cat clearly was not excited about it


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