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30+ Of The Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos (Part 9)

It’s a delightful time of the month when we share with all of you the most wholesome recent images of adopted pets! Our team is ecstatic to show you the cutest, cuddliest, meowtastic, and woofstanding photos we have ever seen. As you scroll down, remember to give the rescued animals a little boop on the nose with an upvote and share your own adopted pet story in the comments section below.

One of the benefits to come out of the many Covid-19 lockdowns, according to the RSPCA, is an increasing desire in rehoming and adopting pets in shelters. “We have observed a big increase,” an RSPCA representative said. “The RSPCA’s Find a Pet part of the website received 39,835,657 views from March 23 to December 31, compared to 23,681,542 in the same period the previous year. This represents a 68 percent increase. In the same time period, our fostering page received 470,933 hits, compared to 136,705 in the same time period in 2019, a remarkable 244 percent increase”.

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#1 Two Photos Taken An Hour Apart…. Before And After Adoption

#2 6 Years On The Streets. 3 Years In The Shelter. 13 Years Old And She’s Finally Home 🙂

#3 Y’all Can Keep Your Purebreds. Shelter Dogs Are The Cutest.

The data suggests a spike in pet ownership during the lockdown, according to the RSPCA. "Between January and July 2020, Google keyword searches for "puppies near me" surged by 650 percent. Searches for ‘adopting a dog' increased by 204 percent, while searches for ‘kittens near me' increased by 188 percent "We talked about it last year," they said. "According to government records, the number of licenses given for the commercial import of dogs increased by 87 percent from 14,075 in May-September 2019 to 26,4461 this year."

#4 I Think She’s Glad We Went Back And Adopted Her Brother Too

#5 I Found This Little Boy In The Countryside, Alone. Initially He Was Scared, Now He Seems To Be Pretty Comfortable

#6 My Adopted Senior Cat, Grandpa Todd

The UK's Pet Food Manufacturers' Association acknowledged the surge in pet ownership in their Covid-19 Pet Survey. According to the study, 35% of young adults (those aged 24 to 35) said they had gotten a new pet or were planned to obtain one. That means that almost 2.1 million (or 19%) of young people in the UK have already acquired a pet while on lockdown, with another 1.8 million (16%) planning to do so.

Meanwhile, at the height of the lockdown, demand for puppies increased by 104 percent, according to the internet marketplace Pets4Homes (i.e. May 2020).

#8 Least To Say That He Was Really Excited To Come Home With Us! Meet Billy Mae! (Adopted)

#9 Found This Little Fella On The Streets. Everyone, Say Hi To Rocky

Dermot Murphy, the head of the RSPCA's animal rescue teams, said that while it's great that so many people are adopting pets, there are still some concerns. "While we applaud the fact that so many people have adopted pets and found them to be a source of comfort during these trying times, we are concerned that some individuals may have purchased a pet on the spur of the moment without considering how their lifestyle will alter after the pandemic is over. Furthermore, we are experiencing real economic uncertainty, and like in previous recessions, many may just be unable to afford their pet "He issued a warning.

#11 Found This Little Munchkin Without A Mama, So I’m Now His Mama

#12 My Old Man, Adopted Him Last Year. He’s 14 And The Best Roommate Ever

"We always advise anyone thinking about having a pet to do their research and make sure they can provide them with the time, money, and care they require for the remainder of their life. As the pandemic's effects wear off on people's finances and more people return to work or some kind of normalcy, the fear is that an influx of abandoned and mistreated animals may enter our care "Murphy stated his opinion.

#13 I Adopted This 7 Y.o. Lady Just Over 5 Months Ago. Each Day She Seems Cozier & More Playful Than The Last. She Was In A Shelter Since May 2019 Which Made Me So Sad To Hear When I Met Her. She’s Incredibly Sweet & I Am Very Lucky To Have Her

#15 I Adopted This Cat At The Lowest Point Of My Life. He Literally Freed Me From Distress And I Can’t Be More Thankful

Meanwhile, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) estimates that approximately 6 to 8 million cats and dogs visit the country's shelters each year (pre-Covid). While the numbers have decreased significantly from a high of 13 million in 1973, they remain staggeringly high and demonstrate how firmly throwaway culture is embedded in society.

#18 Officially “Foster Failed” Today. I Knew As Soon As I Got Him, He Wasn’t Going Anywhere. Everyone, Welcome Chopper! (Aka Pork Chop)

According to the HSUS, there are over 3.5 thousand brick-and-mortar animal shelters in the United States and approximately 10,000 animal sanctuaries and rescue groups in North America.

While we may be disappointed that so many great dogs are without a home, we can be grateful that volunteers bring them from the cold and assist them in finding a better, more stable home. The fact that 4 million cats and dogs are adopted from shelters each year attests to this. Everyone else, on the other hand, isn't in such a good spot.

#19 After Years Of Wanting A Dog My Wife And I Got This 8 Week Old Pup From The Rescue. Meet Arwen.

#20 My Dad Was Very Against Getting A Dog, Especially A Small Dog. We Adopted Her Anyway And Now They Are Best Friends

#21 Rescued From A Street 5 Months Ago. Pickle Is Already So Affectionate!

The HSUS also points out that, while many pet owners appreciate their furry and fluffy companions, not everyone has access to proper veterinary care and spay/neuter services. The unfortunate reality is that most pets do not have the best quality of life possible.

#22 Just Adopted Luna. She Is My Very First Pet. She Is Already My Best Friend !

#24 Handsome Rescue

There are roughly 23 million pets living in such underserved neighborhoods, equating to a staggering 77 percent of all US pets having never seen a veterinarian and 87 percent having not been spayed or neutered. The figures are very appalling, and it becomes clear why so many pets are abandoned.

#26 Adopted This Little Fella From The Police Today, Everyone Meet Sam!

#27 Rescued A Bunny A While Ago Which Turned Out To Be Pregnant They Are Doing Great

Furthermore, approximately 80% of the 3 million cats and dogs euthanized in shelters each year are healthy, treatable animals who could have been adopted by loving families. Furthermore, purebred dogs make up a quarter of all dogs in shelters.

#28 Just Adopted This Baby And Found Out Her Birthday Was On March 10th!

#30 Rescued In Puerto Rico, Adopted In New York, Passed Out On The Way Home.

Animal shelters and groups do everything they can to assist rescued creatures. Having a big heart and a great desire to serve, on the other hand, isn't always enough. Unfortunately, housing, feeding, and treating animals are costly. According to the Humane Society of the United States, humane organizations spend about 2.5 billion dollars each (about $8 per capita), whereas animal control organizations spend 800 million to one billion dollars (aka 4 dollars per capita).


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