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30+ Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By People With The Biggest Hearts

Did you know that the majority of cats are without a home through no fault of their own? It’s a frequent misconception that all cats available for adoption at shelters and rescues are injured. But nothing could be further from the truth! Adopting a new feline is always encouraged. It may take days or months to fully integrate your new cat adoption or kitten into your family pets, depending on their age and dispositions. The easiest introduction is said to be when the new cat is younger, smaller, and of the opposite sex, but this is very dependent on the personalities and experiences of the felines involved. Adopting a shelter cat is one of the most amazing things a person can do for an animal, but senior cats, who aren’t as cute as young and lively kittens, are sometimes overlooked. Hopefully, this article has shown you how wonderful elderly cats can be and has inspired you to adopt one for yourself.

When a shelter has to euthanize any of its animals, older cats are generally the first to go, so your impact on your new geriatric adoptee’s life will be much larger. Despite the fact that senior cats are more susceptible to disease than younger cats, they are often already house-trained and socialized, and their personalities are set — no surprises!

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#1 My New Roomie 18 Year Old Mr. Salem Schmusel

#2 I Adopted Bubbles, He’s 7, With No Tail And Just 3 Legs… And We Love Him To Bits 🙂

#4 1 Week Ago I Adopted An 11 Year Old Cat From A Rescue Center

#6 He May Not Be The Cutest Cat But We Adopted A Fiv+ 5 Year Old Tomcat And He Loves Having A Forever Home

#8 Miss Smiley Was Adopted By Will (pictured) And I Last Fall, At The Age Of 20!

#10 This White Cat In The Middle Was About 19 Years Old. He Was Adopted By An Older Woman

#11 I Adopted A 7-Year-Old 27 Pound Cat Today, His Name Is Atticus But My Boyfriend Calls Him Fatticus

#13 A Friend Of Mine Just Adopted This 6-Year-Old Cat, And This Is How She Waits For Her Food

#14 Fulfilled A Life Goal Of Mine Today And Adopted The Oldest Cat At The Local Shelter

#17 I Adopted My 9 Year Old From The Shelter Last Year. She Hasn’t Left My Side Since

#18 Zeta Is About 15 Years Old Now And I Adopted Her 5 Years Ago From The Vet Clinic I Worked At

#19 My So And I Adopted A 10+ Year Old Cat Who Used To Live In The Park

#20 I Adopted A 4 Year Old Cat. She Hated All The Toys Except One

#21 I Adopted This Beautiful 13 Year Old Cat. Her Name Is Q-tip For Now But We Are Trying To Think Of A New Name

#22 I Just Adopted This 9 Year Old Girl From The Shelter. Her Name Is Pumpkin

#27 We Adopted An 8 Year Old Cat From The Shelter Because He Stole Our Hearts With His Cuddles

#28 Meet Floyd. This 6 Year Old Looker Was At The Shelter For Months

#30 Adopted An 8-Year-Old Cat From Local Rescue, This Is 10 Minutes After We Got Home


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