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30+ Over Dramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

If cats were human, they probably would be nominated for being the judges of the Oscars. No one can defeat this drama queens and kings who usually show themselves hilariously grumpy after going to the vet, or way too surprised about the presence of a newborn baby in the house. Being dramatic is in their vein and we just can’t deny it in every kind of way. A boring life needs a touch of dramatic spice!

Here goes 30+ weirdest spices for you to choose, make sure you upvote your favorites these funny kitty photos!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#4 My Cat Disapproves Of Human-Dog Love. I Didn’t Even Know She Could Do That Face

#15 I Kicked Over My Cats Milk And Had No Replacement. He Sat Opposite Me As I Ate My Dinner Looking At Me Like This

#17 My Cat Poses Like This When You Pull Out Your Phone.

#19 Marco Realized We’re Going To The Vet

#20 Took Porkchop To The Vet Today. This Was The Before And After Pics. This Was The Look I Got The Entire Ride Home

#30 My Boyfriend Warned Me About His Dramatic Cat But I Wasn’t Ready For This


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