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30 Overdramatic Cats Who Deserve An Oscar

There are many reasons why people loves cat, not just because they are some cute little cinnamon rolls, they are also funny as hell, especially in their overdramatic moments.

Whether it has been their nature or not, most cats have a pretty big ego and will take everything personally and emotionally all of a sudden, even though the situation is not that seriously. All of that result in hilarious expressions, sometimes meowing their vocal cords out even louder than Jimmy Barnes screaming in that one music video made by Kirin J Callinan.

Let’s take a look at some humourous overemotional scenes of these cats. Some of them would make good and quality meme materials for you when chatting with your friends or family.

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 When you returned home with a new puppy

#4 It’s not like sneezing will summon a demon or anything, dude

#6 Remember, never go out alone when you are over indulge in catnip

#8 I like how the other cat doesn’t give a sh*t about his fellow friend being eaten

#12 Honestly I’d act like her if something so big and wet suddenly glosses over my head

#17 Expression aside, let’s appreciate how beautiful this cat’s eyes are

#19 Simba hates going back inside while tanning on the balcony

#20 Looks like I had a naughty boy in my house

#23 Teaching her kid to hug the cat properly and this is how it ends up

#24 POV: You accidentally run into a catnip deal

#27 “Wait I thought you were going to take me to the bed?”


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