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30+ People Are Sharing How Their Pets Deal With Them Working From Home

It’s been a year since the last time we had free coffee in every morning in the office, had some small talks at the break time, how much do you remember those good old days? The pandemic has been changing our lives in so many ways: your home is the multi-space which you can move around from waking up, having lunch, sleeping, playing, and of course working. Working from home is the only way to connect with your colleagues but still be safe from the corona virus. People are now getting used to it since there is a big pawsitivity at home as our emotional support: pets. They must be really happy to see us – their servants – staying at home with them 24 hours.

This might be frustrating because there’s more work for us to do as we have to brush their fur, feed them, clean their waste, feed them again, cuddle them every single time when they see us, and so on. Regardless of how occupied these four-legged friends are, we love them endlessly. A bunch of pet photos have been shared across the globe as our substitute co-workers and let’s see how people can handle with them in the quarantine!

Even though we are not at the office, we still have our company!

(h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 “Working from home for Bored Panda here with my trusty coworker Arizona”

#4 “Mr Belarus reporting for duty. Working from home? We got this!”

#5 “My coworker at home isn’t adhering to social distancing techniques. Please advise”

#15 “My buddy wanted to help when he heard I was working from home”

#26 “Working from home with personal lap warmer named Didi”


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