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30+ People Are Sharing Pics Of Their Cats Growing Up On “From Kitten To Cat”

Have you ever wished your cat would stop growing? Yesterday, they curled up and took a nice nap on our palm, and boom! There goes the king of fluff is in front of us with a package of cattitudes, tons of treats, and their clean and clear litter box. Kittens are adorable and everyone prefers a mini version of a cat than a full-grown one. But hey! Being a big boy or a big girl has nothing to do with them, they are just getting cuter and cuter. Thus, once they love you when they were kittens, they will absolutely do the same when they are adults.

Be proud of yourself honey, you have raised a masterpiece. Even though we know time flies, your little kitten is growing up every day, but looking back at those times, nothing can be more precious than the bond between a human and a cat. Trust me, the bigger they get, the happier you will be. Why? Because they are able to snuggle with you with a bigger body and a bigger heart!

Here is your compiled collection of the most 30 wholesome photos of cats growing up that can brighten up your day. Big credit to the subreddit “From Kitten To Cat” where people can persistently capture these beautiful moments when they were tiny to gigantic kings and queens.

More info: Reddit (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 Started Life Lost In A Swamp, Now Cozy In A Christmas Sweater

#4 I Got My Cat Alfie When I Was 4 As A Gift On My First Day Of School And He Died When I Was 20. We Were Inseparable! I’m 27 Now And I Still Think Of Him All The Time. Until I See You Again My Boy

#9 Please Meet Lucy. She’ll Be 12 Years Old This Year. We Found Her In A Dumpster At A Taco Bell

#15 Honey From A Dehydrated, Dirty Bottle Baby To A Beautiful, Healthy Girl

#19 He Likes To Cuddle My Neck Every Morning And Night, 8 Months Later And He Still Does It

#20 At 2 Years Old She Is Still Sitting Like She Did As A Baby

#23 There Was A Time When We Weren’t Sure If Nimbus Was Even A Cat. Here Is Her Successful Transformation From Crinkled Tissue To Fluffy Goddess

#24 I Was Told To Post The Squid Here. As You Can See, He’s Always Been Fancy

#29 Bean Was A Microkitten. Here She Is At 8 Weeks vs. 5 Years. She Has Some Bone Deformities That Limit Her Front Leg Mobility And Is Still Under 6lbs


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