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30+ People Are Sharing Very Ugly Pics Of Their Pets And It’s Hilarious

A friend asks about your new pug, which you’ve been talking about more than anyone could bear. Almost every photo in an unlimited gallery on your phone has something wrong with it. There are much too many teeth. Eyes bursting from their sockets. A crooked grin. It can’t be your adorable pug, who could easily pass for Mr. Universe if he tried.

The truth is that not every pet, like you and me, is camera-ready. They have unfavorable angles and are subjected to weak lighting.

This Twitter thread, on the other hand, is a safe haven for sharing the most ugly photos of our animal friends. Gina Zwicky started it, and it only allows “very ugly pictures of your pets.” As you scroll down, you’ll notice that “very ugly” has its own set of levels, which further adds to the hilarity.

More info: Twitter (h/t: boredpanda)

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#1 The only content permitted in this thread is very ugly pictures of your pets

#2 Recent fave. She yawns like the monster she is

Gina Zwicky, a biologist, was the one who came up with the Twitter thread. Gina thinks awkward animal photographs far more fascinating than cute animal pictures, and I can't say I disagree.

She believes that “Bad photos of pets are less common than cute, posed photos, especially in the Instagram era where people can make a living off professional-looking pictures.” Gina said that she doesn’t think that polished pet pics are “what most people enjoy about their own pets.”

#4 This is singlehandedly the worst picture I’ve ever taken of my dog

Gina also said that her own cat makes a much more fun little furball to look at when “they’re acting silly and less composed.” So she took a pic of it, and after it turned out funny, Gina “posted it with the caption—not much thought went into it!” Soon, she realized her cat is far from the only one looking kinda off on camera, but that’s the whole cute point of it.

#6 Napoleoncat marching along

There hasn't been a single pet owner who has signed up for a terrible photo of their cherished pet. Who would want to cram their phone with thousands of photos they can't even put on Facebook without receiving a barrage of criticism? Your pug, for example, resembles a well-kept chupacabra.

But that doesn't rule out the possibility of nailing that perfect shot, even if it takes some practice. Virginie Petorin, a London-based dog photographer who operates the business E5 Dog Photography, was contacted to learn more about how to make your pet look appealing not just to you, but also to your camera.

#9 Oouuuch! IT HURTS!!!!

Virginie explained that taking pictures of animals is essentially the same as photographing kids and for that reason, “it has to be a game.”

She suggests that you “forget about posing and take your pet as it is.” Remember that pets aren’t very patient too, so you should prepare some treats and toys to keep their attention set on the shoot.

The professional animal photographer also said that English bulldogs are among the most naturally photogenic dogs, so it may be easier for them to look good at any angle.

#12 That’s not ugly. That’s cute

But let’s be real. Taking a good pic of your pet should realistically take more effort than simply pressing the capture button and hoping for the best.

Bark Post suggests trying out a couple of tricks: first, bring your dog to smile and get his attention. Then, change your camera’s perspective to fit the dog’s angle.

Another thing to remember is making sure your shutter speed is right. “Balance this out based on how much natural lighting you have available—outdoor photos with fast shutter speeds make for beautiful portraits, but indoors (with low light), you’re at a huge disadvantage.”

Lastly, remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if your pug does indeed resemble a chupacabra after a haircut, then let it be. You still love it anyways, so who really cares?

#13 Norwegian forest cats on the internet: majestic, fierce, staring into your soul. Norwegian forest cats in real life: gigantic doofuses.

#16 Osiris “I hate camping” pout. Picks a spot 20 meters away from hooman to hangout by himself

#19 What’s with having an electrical socket on my floor? Are you trying to kill me?!

#21 Nothing ugly here, now put down that camera and rub that belly

#23 Love both my dogs, but that one on the right can be a real goblin sometimes

#25 Miss Jade, who was unimpressed with her salon appointment.

#26 My goof noodle would like to thank you all for your support

#27 Murph: Dislike the broosh, disgruntle at the being handled, existential crisis, opening selfie camera.

#28 I’ve got tons of unflattering blackmail photos of my dogs.

#30 Daisy is very gorgeous lady but theres times where I’m convinced that she is a rat pretending to be a dog


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